Monday, September 17, 2007

Brighter Monday

First, thanks to everyone who weighed in on the ripping question. It's nice sometimes to be given permission to do what I want to do, which in this case was to not rip. I really appreciate the support.

So, I did not in fact rip. I also didn't knit Kauni at all yesterday. Instead, I played with washcloths. I have a few to send to Rabbitch for her collection for a women's shelter, but when I looked at them I realized that they were much smaller than I'd remembered. Sort of embarrassing really. So, I'm pounding out a few more this week. It's a rather relaxing sort of knit, really, and I'm hoping to have at least a few to send with the teeny ones; maybe they can go together in pairs; you know, one for washing the body, one for washing something smaller, like say, a nose.

I did actually make it through most of my list yesterday. The laundry all got done (except the beach towels, but it's not like we have time to go to the beach anytime soon!). Including clean, matching (!!) sheets for everyone. A miracle. I got a small nap, I read my two articles, I made soup for rush dinners this week, and I roasted the tomatoes that Rick got at the market on Saturday. I read some nice relaxing trash, and folded the laundry (I know, who am I?). And I finished the shopping. Oh, and returned late library books, paid my fines, and checked out new books with the girls. It's amazing how much better it feels when things at home, at least, are calm.

Now, don't get the wrong idea. Work is still total chaos. In the less than two weeks before October first, I need to finish planning (and execute) all of the events for California Indian Day (which, the way it happens here, is really California Indian WEEK), write a sabbatical application, get together a final draft of the center proposal, edit a paper with a co-author that needs to get out, make it through several meetings of various sorts, and prep this darned new class. And grade. Right, don't forget the grading.

However, being able to see an end date really helps. Knowing what I really want to get out of each of these things also really helps, since it keeps me from doing more than I'm willing to do to get that result. I just have to hang on to my "no", y'know? I am resolved to be a bit more cheerful about it all, and to at least attempt to take care of myself while I struggle through. Blog a little, read other people's blogs, knit. Walk with friends (I have three walks and a yoga class scheduled with folks this week; I'm so much less likely to cancel when I can tell myself that I'm supporting someone else's mental and physical health than when I'm just supporting my own. Sad, but true. At least by recognizing my psychoses I can trick myself into moving in the right direction, right?). Eat well. Read with the girls. And, happily, my two big meetings this week are both knitable, so that will help a ton.

In the end, the big stuff is good. The girls are happy. Rick is managing his insane work stuff. The weather is (finally!) cooler -- fog this morning, yay! The vet says that my adored dog is doing very well for a 12 and a half year old shepherd mix (we're trying to dodge the old age bullet as long as we can), and the new kitten is starting to let me sleep most of the night. And, best of all, I don't have to rip the Kauni. How good is that?

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Anne said...

Congrats on all your weekend accomplishments! Impressive indeed. And it's so important to pause and think about the big stuff, isn't it? That's a bit what I meant about the "more wag," in a way -- that if I can get less wound up in the issues that are so energy-sucking and emotion-draining, and stay at least partially focused on the really important things, life will be better for all. I can't always manage it--and it's easier in September than November, or February, for sure. My closest friend at work has just been put on bedrest with her due date still 6 weeks off and I can't think of a good way to express to her how important this time is while allowing that, yes, it's frustrating, too. Too bad one can't store up all the peace and quiet! In any case, my walk & Starbucks pal is now out of commission for the duration, so I'll have to find another way.