Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump day

Well, on Monday night, I started something new. Here it was Tuesday morning.
I needed to knit something simple and soothing. Something requiring no thought, but interesting enough to keep me from hating it. Something that would show evidence of success pretty quickly (I really need to feel like I'm achieving something these days). A sock seemed like the right thing to do. I had some yarn left over from Tess' Millicents, and from my Traveller's Stockings, and it was clearly Kivrin's turn for socks (and I ordered a skein of sock yarn for me from The Loopy Ewe and felt the need to use some of the yarn I already have before anything new arrived), so I cast on. By the end of the evening, I'd gotten through the picot edging (my very first picot ever), and chosen a little bit of lacework for the sides.

After last night, and a meeting this morning, here's where I'm at:
(please excuse the sockpuppet nature of this photo; I'm not sure the one where I tried the phone inside the sock is any better, but you can sort of see where I'm going here; the toe will also be in the STR yarn -- the blue is Cherry Tree Hill...)
OK, I'm not much of a photographer. These days, I'm not feeling like much of anything -- writer, researcher, knitter, mother, wife. I'm in what my mom would call a weepy mood. So, until it goes away, I will keep knitting on this sock. And when I'm done, I will have something that my younger daughter can wear on her feet. And it will be good.


Stell said...

thats one of the main reasons I knit, I need something easy, repetative, and do-able with and end result that i can feel, to keep me sane. Take care the sock looks great and the photo is fine, it shows a sock, it works.

Anne said...

Affirm, affirm. I think you are suffering from hug deficit. Are your daughters still up? Oh, right, time zone--of course they are. I prescribe several hugs from each, a DRINK, a walk? and knitting time. Great idea to cast on a Kauni alternative.