Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And so it begins

Well, classes have officially started (this would explain the paucity of posts lately). I had two today, and my last one meets for the first time on Monday evening. I so appreciated everyone's supportive comments on Monday (thanks, Willow, for reminding me that writing a syllabus is class prep for the first day!). Everything seemed to go fine today, all the students fit into the classrooms that I was assigned (you have no idea how bad it gets when they don't; I have to think of ways to be scary and mean so they'll drop, and I generally prefer not to scare them this soon into the semester. I save that for after the add/drop period)(you may imagine evil laughter here), and they appeared to be paying attention. At least, they mostly laughed at the right times, and not at the wrong ones (again, you'd be surprised how disconcerting it can be to have them laugh when I didn't intend to be funny).

Our new on-campus knitting circle also met for the first time yesterday. Only three of us came, but there are at least three more in the offing who got caught up in first-week insanity and couldn't make it. It's amazing how hard it is to find a place to meet on such a small campus; most public spaces are devoted to eating or studying, and there aren't a lot of them. Since the campus is relatively new, it's still growing out, and it's at moments like these that it shows. However, we took over a table in the study room over the campus Starbucks (sigh), and I'm hoping we didn't disturb the students there too much (every single one of them had taken at least one class with me; this is another thing that happens frequently on such a small campus).

I had also intended to go to the Palomar Weaving Guild meeting last night; it was their first evening meeting ever, and as I've been thinking of joining, but can't make their daytime meetings, it seemed like a good idea. However, I went out on Monday night to do yoga (ow ow ow; after not going to yoga for quite some time, I went Saturday and Monday -- ow ow ow), and yesterday afternoon involved great deals of running around to get Younger Daughter to and from her Irish dance class, and Older Daughter from chess club, and by the time I got home, I was not feeling up to driving to Escondido for a 7-9 meeting. The matter was clinched when I said something about it and both Older and Younger Daughter exclaimed, "But you were gone last night!!" If I'd been dying to go, I might have been able to resist their blandishments, but as it was, I caved.

We ate Chinese food, and then sat on the rug and played Life (I'd forgotten what a very odd game Life is), and I finished my knitting for the Loopy Swap, and started the zigzag mitts for me (in spite of Rick's very loud sighs; he's waiting for the paris-roubaix mitts for himself -- he'll just need to wait a tiny bit longer). I'm using the yarn I got from Fearless Fibers in the inspiration colorway (you should really check it out, it's gorgeous), and while I haven't gotten very far, I find myself charmed by the whole thing. I'm knitting a size small, and I'm a bit worried about whether they'll be big enough, but I'll finish one pattern repeat and then see where we are. I'm hoping that since the yarn is a bit thicker than specified, it'll work (I could always go up to size 3 needles, but I'd have to go find them...).
(And yes, that bag in the background is a Bea Binney original.)

So, that's about it. Nothing exciting, but I've gotten through my first classes, and I'm going to call it good.


Anne said...

good for you! I was thinking of you today as life went kerflooey around me -- I'm mid-syllabus right now for the class that begins tomorrow night and I suspect a child needs to be picked up somewhere any minute.

twinsetellen said...

Ah, the joy of having adult children, no more spending the night chauffeuring them around. Alas, the ache of having adult children, no more spending the night chauffeuring them around.

Fun that you have a chess playing daughter. My husband, a chess master, would have loved ours to play. (I love that they knit.) At least we named our dog after Judit Polgar.

Congratulations on a good start.

twinsetjan said...

I love that your daughters wanted you to stay home with them -- I remember the gap years...when mine loved for me to be out of the way. So, I'm guessing yours haven't hit 13 yet?

And having had the experience of teaching students far younger than I, I do know that disconcerting feeling to which you refer when you didn't mean to be funny...and it's relative, the pregnant pause waiting for them to laugh at a reference to which they are to young to relate!

Bea said...

Congrats! Its always nice to get off to a good start!

The yarn is really pretty can't wait to see the mitts!

Willow said...

I caved last night and didn't go to knitting group; my excuse was that I wanted to take a walk with The Professor. I have only adult children who don't live at home to entice me with Life or Scrabble anymore.

I attended a wedding two years ago that was officiated by one of my former high school history class students. It did seem odd somehow.

The Professor uses one of his father's lines: "If I look up from my notes expectantly, 'A' students should laugh. It means I have just told a joke."

Willow said...

Oh yes...I have already read Ishi: The Last of His Tribe. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Have you been to the Ishi exhibit at Cal Berkeley?

I'll check out Pillars of the Earth.

I'm currently in ch 2 of Faith and Treason. And I just got an email that Women's Work is on hold at the library.

Carrie K said...

Getting through class is good. You don't have to be scary yet, isn't there the few that drop because a) they didnt' realize that it involved thinking b) it doesn't work with their schedule and c) sheer inertia. Scary is for the 2nd/3rd week.

Cute gloves! Nice that you had a knitting group the first week.

Anonymous said...



Marianne said...

Needles raised... Cheers to your great start with classes! ~and~ a knitting group?!? Lucky!

That's really gorgeous yarn! looking forward to seeing the mitts!

EGunn said...

Making it through the first class cannot be underestimated. Congratulations on making it through the kickoff!

Bea said...

I've nominated you!! Go see my blog!!

Courtney said...

I started my first two years of college on a small campus like the one you describe, though we were fortunate enough to avoid being invaded by Starbucks. Picturing being back in the campus coffeehouse makes me miss it a little. :)

That yarn you're working with is gorgeous. How is the sizing working out?

Look forward to hearing from you again soon!