Sunday, May 18, 2008

What day is it again?

Sunday? You have got to be kidding me. Where did the last three days go?!

Let's see. In the last three days I have:

Graded three sets of final papers for three classes.
Calculated grades for all three classes.
Put those grades up on my class web sites.
Dealt with hysterical inquiries from students who should have known what was coming, but were nevertheless shocked and horrified to discover that one does not receive a good grade when one does not do the work assigned in class.

Picked up one puppy from the vet, where she'd gone to be spayed.
Brought home with her two medications to be given to her twice a day.
She's recovering nicely, by the way, and was overjoyed to be brought home. I think she was worried I might forget about her, in spite of the fact that I have yet to do so.

Went to one graduation.
With two friends.
At 8:30 in the morning.
Saw hundreds of students graduate.
Saw the president of the university smile for a picture with each student. Ouch.
Drank one margarita afterwards (a traditional reward for sitting through a hot graduation in black regalia).

Packed one husband off to Colorado.
For four days.
To give one conference paper.
He also brought one mountain bike along.
And promised to leave one note on his windshield for each ride he goes on, and to call me at the beginning and end of each ride.

Got one daughter to one swim meet (non-competitive).
Drove a solid forty miles round trip to get there (unexpectedly; it wasn't where I thought it was going to be. Oops).
Where she swam in five events.
I took her out afterwards for one piece of quiche at her favorite little French bakery.

Rescued one blue jay chick from one cat.
Called the Humane society who said that they know a woman who rescues corbae and takes care of them until they're ready to be released again.
Drove another 20 miles round trip to deliver the chick to the Humane society for pickup.

During all of this, knitted between four and six inches on my skirt (depending on whether we're looking at the shorter or longer bit of the points). Pictures tomorrow, I promise. Right now, it's way too hot to spend any time in the sun. Summer has arrived, a month early.

So that's where the last three days have gone... I'm off to knit quietly in a cool corner somewhere.


twinsetjan said...

Wow! What a busy few days -- but huge congratulations on completing the grading. When I was teaching at Boston U, I too was amazed at how students seemingly were caught unawares with regard to the relationship between work and grades.

Good karma points should be flocking your way for saving the little birdie! Nicely done!

Anne said...

The swim meet wasn't where you thought it would be? Yikes --when did you find that out? I'd better check that we are actually headed for RI next weekend and not NH ....

The past 3 days sound exhausting. I hope tomorrow will be quiet?

Bea said...

Oh my. Congrats on finishing your grading! Hope you have a nice cool and relaxing evening.

Gwen said...

Urg. All that driving in all that heat...

Congratulations finishing grades!

Marianne said...

Mercy. You really know how to pack a weekend!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your skirt. . . I made Anne's Sangria skirt and really liked it. Have you seen hers? Had to laugh at your mountain-biking husband notes/phone calls. Did the same with my husband, and he failed to call once. I freaked and thought I was a widow for sure! I even ran into a funeral (in progress) and dragged his parents out, crying that he must be dead in the mountains!! He wasn't - but he ALWAYS calls now. (that'll teach him) - Kim

Laura said...

How'd you have time for all that? Little wonder the time went quickly. :-)

People always shake their heads at me when I admit to saving a pigeon. In San Francisco. But I did. I couldn't see it suffer. The security personnel at the office where I worked at the time were flabbergasted that I'd made it past them with a live bird in that huge box. LOL

ShakespearesLady said...

I'm jealous of your summer-like weather. It's the end of May yet it feels like April here in New England!

twinsetellen said...

Do you think next weekend you could spare just a few minutes to stop over and manage my life? I think you are just what I need!

Tilley will certainly be in an appreciate-Jocelyn mode for some time now.

Rachel said...

Only reading your list made me tired! I think the 108 degrees that dropped on us (talking about an early summer!) have to do with it too.
I think you deserve a LONG quiet knitting time.

Willow said...

I did waaayyy less than you did and I was tired over the weekend.

The Professor is facing similar student reactions, I'm afraid.

And I love that skirt pattern so much, I've downloaded it and have informed said Professor (see above) that once I finish the spinning project (yes, I am a nice person, aren't I?) I am going to reward myself....

Stell said...

who were "shocked and horrified to discover that one does not receive a good grade when one does not do the work assigned in class"
I'm always shocked and horrified at at the students lack of connection as well, my grading is to be turned in on the 30th, and even now my pencil hand feels tense,
I'm tired just reading.

EGunn said...

All that in just three days? No wonder you're not sure where the time went! Grading alone is enough of a black hole to make a weekend disappear. I hope you've managed to find some quiet knitting time now that the term is over! (And some students really do have quite an amazing optimism about grades in the face of all the evidence, don't they?)

Alisha said...

All I can say is "phew". I hope you have enjoyed some down time knitting!