Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A fitting end

I realize that I've been missing in action this weekend. I had hoped to write a quick post on Friday morning, but things just didn't work out that way, and I've been on the run ever since.

Older Daughter's school had a half day on Friday, so we packed up and headed north to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday on Saturday. (Knitting moment: As I was packing, I asked Rick what sweater I should wear, and he said, "I think Kauni always looks nice and it goes with everything". Who knew that he even knew the names of my sweaters? Let alone which ones have maximal matching ability.) The drive north was fairly easy, and we were up in Sacramento by about 8:30; not too bad, all in all. The girls love going to visit Memere and Grandpa, and since my aunt was there, too, it was a full house. We went for a long walk on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, along the American River. Everything was green and growing, and since the weather was gorgeous, the trail was full of bikers and walkers and strollers and dogs. Tilly loved it.
So did the girls.

On Saturday night, we all got gussied up and headed out for a nice dinner to celebrate mom's birthday in style. I gave her the hat at the restaurant, even though I knew she wouldn't be trying it on until we got home. She admired it greatly.
(This is a woman who knows how to make a fuss over handknits; she's not a knitter, but she sews beautifully, so she understands what goes into something like this.)

And when we got home again after a lovely meal, it was time for the moment of truth.
It fits! Doesn't she look fabulous in it? Hooray! (And whew! What a relief.)

Sunday was another perfect day involving a nice long hike with the dog and the kids, and Monday morning we were up bright and early (actually, less bright and more early, thanks to the time change) to drive to the Bay Area for lunch with Grandmom, Rick's cousin, and her new baby Tyler. It was the first time we'd gotten to meet the baby, and I must admit that he got the lion's share of the attention. The girls held him.
I held him.
Rick held him. (He looks smaller when Rick holds him; this is generally true when Rick holds babies.)
Grandmom held him.
He's an incredibly sweet (and patient) baby. I so wish we lived closer so we could spend more time with him; they grow fast at this age.

And then we headed home, over a Bay that was the exact color of my sweater (Rick tried very hard to get a picture for me, with no luck), and through hills that were bright green.
I got some knitting done on the drive that I need to take some pictures of, but this morning, I'm facing a frighteningly full email inbox, and an equally frighteningly empty refrigerator. I wonder what one can make for dinner from a couple of eggs, an apple, and some cheese? Hmmm...


Miss 376 said...

You look as if you had a wondeful weekend. So glad your mum liked her gift, looks great on her

Gwen said...

Salad, with hardboiled eggs. Or salad with a nice vinegary omelette.

I'm hungry, and all I have for lunch is little bitty sandwich and an apple. I wonder if there are any more cupcakes left?

Very nice whirlwind trip! I'm impressed with the tam save. Love the photo of Grandmom and baby.


Your mom looks Fabulous! Good call on the tam. Love those green hills; glad you all had a great time.

KnitNana said...

Oh WHEW! I'm so glad it fits and it looks fabulous on Mom! Happy Birthday (a couple of days late)!!

And yes, I can see that Rick would make a baby look smaller than you would (teehee) - funny thing about those big guys, huh?

Cheese omelet and a (small) baked apple crumble? Or scrambled eggs and the apple crumble with the cheese sliced on top?

Marianne said...

What a wonderful weekend. Your mum looks so lovely in her gorgeous tam, and may I say... the resemblance between all the females, astounding! and lovely!

the boogeyman's wife said...

oh, the hat fits perfectly! yay! i bet that was a relief :)

Willow said...

What a wonderful weekend! I was in the same 'basic' area, sort of. And I loved the bright green hills!

The tam looks perfect. Good work!

AlisonH said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! (Don't answer, you're busy, it's okay.) I wanna come hold the baby too!

Mary Lou said...

That's enough to fortify you while you dial for delivery! That green grass is amazing. We have our freak March weather right now. It's below zero this am, and over the weekend I was in DC and it was 70. No wonder my body is confused.

PS the hat looks perfect on your mom

knitspot anne said...

what a great trip! you look stunning in that picture with the baby, so happy and bright
i'm completely jealous of all that green and blue . . .

EGunn said...

The tam looks great! (And so does your mom...looking at the picture, I can't believe she's 70!)

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I think it's really funny to compare the baby picture with Rick to the one with Grandmom. It's all a matter of scale, isn't it?

Lynne said...

I have a recipe for impossible pie that uses three eggs, milk, onion, bacon [optional] and cheese [also optional] to feed four! Bit late to tell you now though!

Rachel said...

Oh I love the baby's photos! Such a nice difference in size when the different big people hold him, just great!

Just a quick visit from Toronto, we are heading out to Israel on Monday.

twinsetellen said...

You look almost as cute as your girls do holding that baby. And I love pictures of men holding babies, especially when they look so happy about it.

The picture that really caught me, though, was the one of your girls on the trail. Their faces are bright, the trail leads on - I am so glad you are enjoying each other so fabulously at this point in their lives. Things get complicated far too soon.

Rachael said...

The tam looks wonderful on her, great job!

Carrie K said...

Bright green hills? In CA? But it's true!

Rick knows the names of sweaters? Kudos, Rick! Cute baby. Cute hat and Mom too.