Wednesday, May 27, 2009


That's pretty much what yesterday morning ended up looking like, and I say that impying absolutely no criticism of Stephanie or Tina, who worked their tails off to avoid just that; the scrum happened in their despite.

The timeline looked something like this:
9:59 am: I closed down every single internet window on my computer but one, just to be sure that any slow-downs that might occur (note the hopeful little interjection of the "might" there) could in no way be blamed on overloaded connections on my end. I also glared at Rick until he agreed to cease and desist with all downloading for the duration. He insisted on continuing to breathe and receive phone calls, but I think that he nevertheless can't be blamed for what happened next.

10:00 am: Every single knitter in the entire world hit "refresh" on their computers at the same time and initiated Total System Failure.


I spent the next twenty-five minutes alternately hyperventilating at the thought of getting not a single class during all of Sock Summit because Every Other Knitter in the World was getting onto the system before me, and giggling with near hysteria because, dudes. That was a whole lotta knitters logging on at once. And I know for a fact that it wasn't even all of us.

There are a lot more of us out there than the rest of the world thinks.

I find that pretty inspiring. Even if our major accomplishment yesterday was to crash a computer system and leave some poor ITS guy a gibbering wreck.

On the positive side, I did finally get on to the server (after marvelling at a world that allowed us potential registrants, via blogs and twitter and ravelry, to track exactly what was happening and why)(in fact, many comments were made about the Cassandra-like foretelling that had been offered to the aforementioned ITS folks about the mighty power that is the world-wide knitting community when they have their collective finger on the "refresh" button, and the willful dismissal of said warnings until the proverbial Too Late arrived right on schedule). Not only did I get on the server, but I got into the two classes and two lectures that I wanted. That seemed like an unselfish amount to desire, and I promptly hied myself from the system, and headed off to meet my swimming buddy, only a half an hour later than I'd expected (she's not a knitter, but she's a solid sort, and she forgave me).

So, how about it? Who's going? Who got the classes they wanted? How are we going to find each other among All the Other Knitters in the World?

I do have knitting news. I am this far from a finished object (and I'll bet money that it's not what you think it is), and I'm going to wait to post about it until it's done, which will probably be tomorrow. I was going to offer you pictures of the absolutely amazing hummingbird nest in our wisteria instead, but the camera/computer connection created its little black hole again, and all of my pictures disappeared off my camera and into the Bermuda Triangle. Alas.


Willow said...

Aduh! (which is an Indonesian expletive that covers a multitude of sins) So sorry for your black hole of cameradom.

Bersukacita! (which is Indonesian for rejoicing with you!) I'm so glad you got the classes you wanted.

I am not going to be jealous that you are going and I'm not.

Kassia said...

I'm going! It'll be my first vacation without the kids or husband! :)

Glad to hear you got into the classes you were hoping for. I made it into all but one of the classes on my list, and because I lost out on that one, I got to sign up for a beginning spinning class. Yay!

Rachel said...

I have to comment so the non goers will have the majority here at least for a short while :)

Waiting patiently to see the FO soon and ask you will be nice to your camera so it will cooperate in showing us the above.

It's good you let Rick keep breathing and generous of you to let him use the phone :)

Anonymous said...

I missed the sock summit. I had work to do at lunch time, and forgot until 7 hours later. It was already sold out. I'm very disappointed, but have decided after 24 hours of sulking that I'll live. But I'm still disappointed.

It sucks that there are not more classes.


twinsetellen said...

One of the comments on the Harlot's blog post from yesterday caught the feeling pretty well - it was like a big 1970's concert with general admission. Some people get the really great seats, some people need binoculars to see the stage, but everyone is still glad to have the chance to be there. I guess I'd qualify my two classes as middle section, but certainly not front row.

I'm excited that it was so big, sad for those who didn't get any classes, and looking forward to seeing what is offered next year.

EGunn said...

Ah, the power of knitters. I wasn't online for the crash, but it sounds gut-wrenching. At least you got some of the classes you wanted! I'm pretty sure that I'm not going now...turns out that life had some other plans. There's an off chance that I'll be able to go, but it's a slim one. Would have been fun, though!

Miss 376 said...

How exciting, I'm sure you will have a great time

KnitNana said...

As you know, I got what I wanted, too, but long after you did, and not without much angst and despair first.

I think probably Rick could live without phone (but maybe not the breathing part) for longer than it took you to register!

I'm going to have a Hot Flash mini-sock pinned to me somewhere, so that's how you'll recognize me!

Gwen said...

Silly camera - computer communication.

And I'm happy to rejoice with you! (especially since I never considered going, so am suffering no disappointment)

When you throw out a line like that (re FO), I can only think of horrible (to me) things. Willy warmer. Lopi thong. That ilk.

Mary Lou said...

Rabid knitters are some craaazy people! Glad to hear it worked out for you. The only aspect I am envious of is hearing the Barbara Walker lecture. We have hummingbirds, but I have never seen the nest - so I hope there is another photo op.

Alwen said...

Having luckily only heard about this after the fact and at considerable distance, I can regard it with great amusement.

We are knitters, hear us, erm, bring down computer systems with an audible ARRRRGHH!

I have this mental picture of the warned IT guys going, Pffft, we have it covered, how many knitters can there be?

ha ha ha ha! We're EVVVVVVVERYwhere.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

At least your sock classes didn't get lost in the bermuda triangle too!

Bea said...