Friday, June 5, 2009

Wouldja look at that?

It's Friday. How did that happen? I swear it was Monday last time I looked. And don't you think if it were Friday I'd have gotten more done by now?

In knitting news, guess what else you can knit with Briar Rose Grandma's Blessing?

Honestly, what can't you knit with this yarn? And it is so soft, my hands are thanking me. It's a very nice break from the linen yarn I'm using for that shell I'm working away at (right now, it's my don't-have-to-look-at-it knitting, which means that I only pull it out at certain times, so it's moving slowly).
These are Anne's David socks for the booth at Sock Summit. I just started and I'm already halfway through the heel flap on the first one. They're a fast knit. And, as an example of the vagaries of photography in my world, here's the same sock in a picture taken not 12 inches away from the pictures above.
Weird, huh? The colors in the first pictures are much closer to reality.

I'm also making progress on the Fraggle socks from the Rockin' Sock Club. I have a theory that this might be a new base yarn (anyone know for sure?), since it feels even softer than usual. On the other hand, maybe it's just that linen contrast again...
The heel's turned on the first one and I'm working my way down the foot. I'm still truly, madly, deeply in love with this colorway, even though it doesn't show up in these pictures at all (the one in an earlier post is closer); they were taken in the exact same spot as the better photos above. Welcome to my house, the Bermuda Triangle of good photography. Where pictures go to overexpose.
This pattern is fun, but I think I agree with the folks on Ravelry who are saying that the colorway/pattern match isn't the absolutely best. I very tempted to just knit the socks with 2x2 ribbing alternating between regular knit ribs and the "bubble" ribs in the pattern (you can see a line of them there on the right side above), but I decided to give the whole pattern a shot. I'm not regretting it, in spite of my reservations. I also made these a bit longer than usual since I'm having so much fun with them and I've been wanting a slightly longer pair of socks. I'm sure I'll have enough yarn since I always have leftovers.

And I've been spinning a little. I started that roving I posted about a little bit ago, and have spun a tiny bit. It's gorgeous to spin, although I'm not sure I'm going to be able to put enough spin into the singles to ply tightly enough for the sock yarn I was envisioning -- when I try, it gets less fun to spin, and I'm not in the mood to fight it.
When spun like that, it's a joy to work with, so I'm going to take that as a sign.

I've also been slowly plugging away on my Golding at the roving I bought at Twist! Over a thick rug, this time.
Spinning on my spindles is nice in the evening in the main room when the girls are doing homework, or Rick's getting dinner ready or doing the dishes. It feels more social, and our stools are there, so I can spin a full arm's length before winding on. I just need to stay in the habit of doing that regularly.

And, last but not least, my prize came in the mail! This is the Fiona tote that I won in Hip Mountain Mama's blog contest. I absolutely love the green leaves in this fabric.
And talk about capacious! I could fit a small child in there, I think, not to mention a goodly load of knitting projects and accessories.
(Keys included for size reference.) I may even take this as my carry-on to Scotland this summer, since it's a great size for something like that. Thank you, Hip Mountain Mama!


Gwen said...

If you add up all the bits of this and that, it looks like you get a fair bit of fiber play this week! I love that bit of blue you're spinning (assuming it's actually blue). Maybe a little scarf/shawl, since it won't be so long-wearing.

Now I'm thinking of ships and photography, which would explain why I'm trying for a metaphor with icebergs sinking photos, but it's just not working.

Mary Lou said...

I really want to try some Briar Rose yarn. I was so disappointed to find out that she was at our Shepherd's Harvest Festival, unannounced. I spaced out going to the festival because I was gardening.

The verification word is 'whilism' one could cook up some interesting definitions of that, if one weren't too beat from 2 12 hour days.

KnitNana said...

I think you might be right about that STR. Stockinette would show the yarn (but I always think that about STR - the colorways are so gorgeous, I don't want a pattern to compete!)

You've really done a lot, and I wish I could say I thought the week flew by...I'm dragged down and out tonight - it was a long, rough week!

Your spinning is lovely and you're right that's one BIG bag...

knitspot anne said...

wow, you've gotten so far on tha sock, yay!

Miss 376 said...

What a busy week you have had. That bag looks perfect for knitting, congratulations on the win

Rachel said...

Did you say you have little to show for the week?!? hmmmm,,,

Your socks look lovely and I like your bluish handspun.

Stell said...

mmm monday to friday in one fell swoop ... some weeks are like that. Personally I want to know where the weekends go. I love your spinning .. and it will be socks .. just re gauge them. love the bag .. imagine the wip's you can tote. take care

Alwen said...

(Let's see if I can get Blogger to not eat my comment this time!)

I would have guessed two different yarns in the same pattern, those colors look so different! That's fascinating.

twinsetellen said...

I think you illustrate the paradox of the heap with your post. Any one, or maybe two, of the things you got done might seem a little, but added up they are certainly a heap. At what point did the little become a heap? Probably depends on each person's perspective at a given time.

EGunn said...

It certainly looks like you got a lot done! I'm really going to have to try Grandma's Blessing soon, aren't I? Amazing what a little light change does to a picture...I can't figure that one out, but my point-and-shoot camera does the same thing.

I agree on the Rockin' Socks pattern/colorway match. It works, but it's not ideal. Then again, I seldom go too crazy trying to match my colorway and pattern selection (ha if I used stitch patterns in socks...)

The spinning is also looking good. I love the color of your roving, and it's never worth it to fight the fiber. I'm thinking about getting a spindle for Germany, since I won't be taking my wheel. That might require re-learning how to spindle, though...

ruthee... said...

What a busy week! Like you, I try to get in a bit each day, especially of spinning. Your singles are looking great!

Anonymous said...

My spinning has been totally left by the wayside ever since I moved, but yours looks gorgeous. I need to start again once school is out. I'm missing it.

The socks look gorgeous, of course. I would like to try some of that Briar Rose yarn. I haven't ever seen it here in IL. Where do you get it?

Take care.

Bea said...

Love the first socks. Particularily if they are close to that first color :) Also love your fraggle socks. I think the pattern is great.

The bag looks huge. It will make a lovely carry-on as opposed to regular plain old luggage.

Lynne said...

A husband who gets the dinner? So, there are two of them in this world!! LOL

You're certainly busy with socks, aren't you?

Alisha said...

That tote is fantastic!

Your spinning looks great.