Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, that's done. The short story:

Wednesday: Got up early. Flew all day. Ate really good Vietnamese food, went to bed late.

Thursday: Got up early. Presented paper. Was comforted by the presence of a knitter in the audience who knitted all the way through presentation. Wore Elektra. Was entertained by sudden looks of realization on people's faces afterward when people stopped and said, "Wait a minute. Did you knit that?" Yup.

Friday: Got up early (are we seeing a theme here?). Went to some panels before being rescued by Rachael, who came and got me, took me for a lovely walk through Philadelphia, then to coffee, and fabulous local yarn store (where I bought a small goodie, not yarn, which I'll show off once I dust the camera off and take pictures; I'll link to it then, too -- great place), and then to a wonderful Italian deli for lunch. Mmm... I had no camera, so I took no pictures, but it was a perfect outing, full of good yarn (not only was the yarn store full of many good things, but we both had to laugh when we realized that we're knitting socks out of the exact same colorway of Zauberball), good food, and excellent company. Thank you, Rachael!

Saturday: Got up marginally less early (hooray!). Went to more panels, then walked through the rain to the Liberty Bell ("It's cracked, you know", said Rick), sent cell phone pictures in a text message to the family ("You're right. Cracked."), walked back through the harder rain. Attended more panels. Went to a wonderful Thai lunch at the market there in the center of town. (Note to self: Inexpensive food is FAR better in Philly than expensive food.) Took train to airport through increasing rain. Took off in plane through serious snow.

And now I'm home, and so very very glad to be here. I knitted my way through the conference, and was not the only person to do so. As I ate dinner alone on Friday night (I knew I'd had enough of people when I started giving serious stink-eye to the person behind me at a business meeting who kept leaning on my chair and making me crazy; I realized that she was a big famous person just in time to keep from saying something snarky -- not like me, and clearly a sign that I'd been around too many people for too long), the woman next to me, also eating dinner alone, introduced herself as a knitter (I was wearing Elektra) and took me off to her room to show me her absolutely stunning double knitting. I'm inspired. I might have to try that trick my ownself. I had very little to show off reciprocally, as I'd only brought boring knitting, plus the unbloggable project for the plane. But I finished that, and I finished Rick's socks (I'll post pictures later; they turned out well), and I started the socks for my niece, so I did all right.

I came home to find the pattern for my next project waiting for me. I'll be knitting this, out of this yarn, in a robin's egg blue colorway that doesn't appear to be up on the site anymore (glad I got it when I did!), and I am absolutely, 100%, dying to cast on, but my swatch on size five needles last night was way off gauge, and I cannot, for the life of me, find my size fours. Poop. Looks like I'll need to go buy some today, because I feel an overwhelming need to cast on. This is the sweater, folks, that is going to fit the way it should. The first time. Hear me say it now. I have consulted with Anne on the size, and I am bound and determined that this sweater will not be too big. It will be curve-skimming if it kills me. (Which it may, and you have my permission to pre-laugh; we all know how well I do on this size thing...)

It's pouring outside right now, perfect weather to stay indoors and catch up on everything I've let slide over the past two weeks. (You may also pre-laugh about that now.) And if I am really fast, maybe I'll even get to knit a little.


Mary Lou said...

Sounds like a good trip, and I know what you mean about wanting alone time. I relish being alone in my hotel room when I travel for work. And good to know they haven't mended that crack in the Liberty Bell yet.

Miss 376 said...

Glad it went ok, can imagine how lovely it is be back home with the family. Hope you get to your knitting time very quickly

Rachel said...

It sounds like you had a good time in Philli, yay :)

I fell for the double knitting a few months ago, bought pattern, found yarn, knitted happily and after a few inches realized that with the way I knit, one side comes much larger than the other - really bad for double knitting - gave up. Learning another knitting method didn't fit me at the time, maybe one day,,,,

And I am crossing fingers for you and hope the sweater will fit beautifully :)

RobinH said...

Sounds like a great trip. Have you been to the new Constitution center (though it doesn't sound like there was time this trip)? And Reading Terminal Market (likely the big market with lots-and-lots of food you mention) is just awesome! Yum. Makes me want to go there just reading about it!

(And my vote is- neglect the housework and knit. The housework will still be there later.)

Rachael said...

Glad you enjoyed your time here, there IS good VERY expensive food, it's the food in the middle price ranges that tends to disappoint, sorry you had to experience that!

I am starting Sprossling tonight, I had to go down to 4s too, but now my gauge is a little big (23st/4in), which is actually okay as it will give me a size b/t S & M if I knit the small.

I am excited! And in my light blue/periwinkle color we will come close to matching, too funny.

It was great to see you! Sorry it was so short!

Gwen said...

It's cracked!? Really!? Sounds like a scam.

If you're really fast, you'll get to the catching up after you get some knitting done.

(I love that sweater. I might break down and knit a sweater flat. I just happen to have some yarn over there somewhere...)

Welcome home to the rain! Someone pulled into the office parking lot (east Oakland) this morning, their car covered in maybe 2 inches of snow. I shoulda taken a photo (to go with my photo of a pocket of hail on my car). (I think it snowed in Orinda last night!)

Let me try that again, without veering off into all about myself again. Welcome home! Happy knitting! Happy family! Happy your own food!

Bea said...

wow. That's quite the trip. I'm glad you got a lot of time to knit and got to meet up with some other knitters.

KnitNana said...

I LOVE that pattern...and the blue sounds lovely.
I'll wait till I have fewer "curves" to show off. Or rather when the curves are in the right places.
I'm so glad you're back. That you managed snarkiness (I wouldn't have).
I'm happy there's a crack in that Bell, you know? Good that Rick noticed it.

Alwen said...

There is a lot of cool stuff you can do with double knitting. Knitting something with the front and back completely different really makes people's minds boggle.

We are getting a dusting of snow today, but they're threatening us with freezing rain followed by 6+ inches of lake effect snow in the next couple of days.

Luckily I have plenty of yarn to be snowed in with!

Willow said...

Welcome back to reality where it's cold, where perfect knitting will take place the first time, and where you'll be amazed with how much you can get done in 24 hours!

My kids were rather unimpressed with the Liberty Bell. One of them said exactly the same thing Rick did. "But it's cracked!"

EGunn said...

Whew is right! At least there was a fairly large proportion of the word "knit" in describing conference activities. I'm so glad you got to use all that (long and otherwise under-utilized) time well!

And I have to laugh about the sweater and curve-skimming, not because I think you won't make it, but because I'm still looking for the right one! Hope you find it!

twinsetellen said...

Knitting blogs - better than reality shows, with all the drama on whether the sweater will fit the first time.

I am sure you were a success with your presentation, and not just because you were wearing Elektra. Congratulations!