Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's here. 2010. Weird.

Rick said he heard a joke the other day that the "noughties" were over. It's too bad. I spent the whole decade wishing people would get with the program and start saying things like, "The winter of ought three sure was a dry one!" But they never did.

Along the lines of weird, it occurs to me sometimes (it's actually occurred to me ever since we had Older Daughter) that there will come a time when Older Daughter will seem ever so much older than Younger Daughter, simply because she was born in 1998, while Younger Daughter was born in this millenium (2001). In case you think I'm crazy, think about the sense of difference in first impressions of people born in 1898 rather than, say, 1905. Big difference, right?

Also weird, this is the third start to a decade that Rick and I have shared together. And our second with Older Daughter. Hunh.

Anyhoo, such are my thoughts on a New Year's day.

We started the new year off right, though. I spent yesterday cleaning up the house, getting things straightened out, and tossing and organizing the stash. My wall of the den now looks like this:
The big change was to get a pile of new acquisitions (especially of roving) into the bin there under the baskets, and to put the things that I most want to knit into the top basket, where it's more easily seen and accessed. I also got together those thing that I most want to spin next and put those in the roving basket.
The rest of the stash is in other bins on my shelves.
I even went around the house, gathering up those spare skeins that tend to accumulate in odd corners (or is that just me?). So it's all where it belongs now, I know where everything is, and I just wish I had ten hands so I could knit and spin everything I want to, all at once!

Alas, I don't, so I'm focusing on Sprossling for now. I'm most of the way done with the second Sleeve #1, and I think that I will definitely be knitting Sleeve #2 out of that same ball of yarn. The difference isn't drastic, but it's there, and it'll bug me if the sleeves don't match. See what you think.
The middle piece there is the lighter sleeve. It's not just me, it does show up, but not enough to make things look bad, just enough that I want the sleeves to be the same. It's all right; if this sweater does indeed fit the way I'm hoping it will, it's going to be one I wear a lot (I adore both this pattern and this cornflower blue), so it's worth a bit of time on the front end.

I'm also quite charmed with the buttons.
I think they're going to look really good running down the front.
What do you think?

So, today started off right. Older Daughter and I went to a yoga class at our studio, which just reopened after a two-week hiatus to install cork floors (instead of the old, not-so-nice carpet). This morning was the first yoga class, and it was very full, not only of people but of wonderful energy. It was definitely the right way to start the new year together.

And now, it's a gorgeous sunny day. The bees are humming in the sage,
and the flowers are all blooming,
and I think it's time to go sit outside and knit.

Happy New Year!


knitspot anne said...

oooh, i LOVE the buttons you got, yay!
and i ADORE the sweater color; it's looks better knit up in so many pieces.

Rachel said...

I think the color difference is not really bad, the only problem is that if it is one of those things that got stuck in your mind it will bug you all the time, if this is the case I would have reknitted the sleeves, if you think you will be able to forget about it, leave it as is! the sweater is going to be lovely and the buttons are just perfect.

I like your thoughts of the first of the year and decade :)

Happy new year to you and the whole family.

Wool Enough said...

The Sprossling buttons are awesome. What a great find! And, yes, that middle sleeve looks lighter to me too.

Happy New Year!

Alwen said...

We've been calling them the twenty-ohs. I guess that's like Cheerios!

And boy have they been galloping. I can't believe it's 2010 already. My kid is going to be eleven!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Sprossling looks great and those buttons are perfect!
I am so jealous of your flowers - it's just cold here and can't decide if it wants to snow or rain

Willow said...

I do see the difference in the yarn color even though it's slight.

And yes, I adore that shade of cornflower blue too. It's going to be a beautiful sweater. You're right, the buttons are perfect for it!

Happy New Year!

Miss 376 said...

The buttons are gorgeous, really love those. It's nice to get organised once in a while, I did the other week and then couldn't find something. I remembered after about a week it was where it belonged!

Anonymous said...

That sweater will be gorgeous! I can see the color difference, but only after you pointed it out . . .

I envy your spinning wheels. I really want one and really can't justify it right now. However, since I just moved, all the yarn is in giant space bags in the basement, and in one place.

Take care.

Mary Lou said...

Happy New Year - flowers and bees indeed. it's minus 15 here in Madison WI where we are new yearing with friends. We did go out onto the lake for midnight under the full moon in the cold and it was lovely. May your new year be full of hope and joy.

Rachael said...

Happy New Year! The buttons are gorgeous!

I am amazed, looking at your stash, at your self control. I need to work on that. Kudos to you!

I am also jealous of your flowers, the only thing with color around here are those purple cabbages, I know people like them, but I am not a fan. It's a trick, I know they're not really flowers!

Enjoy the rest of your time off!

twinsetellen said...

First - Happy New Year!

Second - yep, if the color difference is showing up on everyone's computer screens, it will be noticeable. Especially to you.

Third - thanks for the stash shot. My SIL gave me a lovely skein of yarn for Christmas and was horrified to see a basket full of yarn in my living room. She was worried I wouldn't want more. Thank heavens she didn't see the real stash, and only saw my basket of favorite yarn!

And fourth - don't give up hope. I believe people refer more to past decades than the current one. I, too, am hoping to hear reference to "the great Christmas Eve snowstorm of aught nine".

EGunn said...

LOVE the buttons. And the cornflower blue. I do see the difference on the sleeves, I'm afraid. But you're right that the time you invest now will be paid back later...I'm sure Sprossling will be a go-to sweater (I've had my eye on that kind of cardigan for quite some time...if I ever find my extra pair of hands, I'll get right on that).

Your den shot is making me miss my spinning wheel. Need to see about finding a new one soon...

KnitNana said...

Ok. Bloglines IS behind, as I just found this!
First on time? I kept thinking..."like sands thru the hourglass, so go the days of our lives..." Can't help it I grew up with that soap!

I ADORE the buttons. They're perfect! Monitors are so different, my laptop doesn't show it as much at all...

Oh this is too funny, as organizing the knitting room is what I did this weekend! I LOVE your wooden basket!

Lynne said...

Such efficiency wears me out just thinking about it! (But I have had a very tiring end of year and beginning of the new!!)

Well done on knowing where everything is! I agree - I wish I could knit faster - so much yarn, so little time!

Bea said...

Oh they use ought here too much. I get tired of hearing it. Half the time I don't even comprehend what they are saying and just give people a confused look. (Clearly that is an issue with my brain.)

I love your wooden basket!

I notice the difference in the sleeve color. I think its a good plan to knit both sleeves from the same ball. Love the buttons. Great choice.

RobinH said...

I love your sweater- what a gorgeous color. However, like you, I think I'd prefer the sleeves to match.

And knitting outside in the sun, that's a pretty attractive thought! I had 6" of new snow over the weekend, and we're not going to make it above freezing today. (But I do get to see my husband wearing not one, but two sweaters I've made him- one over the other!- plus woolly handknit socks!)

Helen said...

That's all your stash? Are you sure?

Happy New Year!

Gwen said...

Happy New Year!

Yup, I've got those odd skeins around the house too. But they're so nice to run into unexpectedly!

Sweater looks great, and the buttons are absolutely gorgeous.

AlisonH said...

A spinning tricycle! It's a three-wheeler!

Stasia said...

Color looks great on you! Lovely work!