Thursday, May 12, 2011

Daybreak (as in, I can see some)

Today is the last day of classes.  Two more to go, and I'm a free woman!  (Read:  I can spend the next week grading papers, calculating final grades, filing final grades, and dealing with students who don't like the final grades that I filed.)(What can I say?  Freedom ain't what it used to be.)

But that's not the daybreak I'm talking about.  Nope, I'm talking about Stephen West's Daybreak, or, to be most accurate, my version of his Daybreak.  (Beverly, here it comes!)

I have no modelling shots yet, although I wore it yesterday (and got compliments).  I have thought about asking Older Daughter to wear it so I can take some pictures of it in action, but she has been very solicitous in complimenting this shawl and in asking whether I might like her to take it off my hands, so I'm a bit worried about handing it over.
To recap, this is the Daybreak Shawl, knitted in Socks That Rock mediumweight, in two of this year's sock club colorways (Aubergenius and Pinky Swear).  I used size 5 circular needles (the Signatures that my SIL gave me; they do not disappoint).
The shawl ended up having a lovely drape at this gauge, without feeling insubstantial or holey.  And I really, really love these colors together.
I think this will be one that I wear a lot; I'm actually glad that the weekend forecast is for cloudy gray weather - Daybreak, here I come!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great yarn combo - I'd definitely be hanging on to that one!

Lynne said...

I have a feeling OD better learn to knit faster or mum's going to be knitting anotehr one!

Enjoy your new found freedom!

As we are approaching winter, summer is so far off I can't even imagine it - especially as it has been unseasonably cold here this week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those colors are stunning together!

I spent the longest time with my sock stash, trying to decide what to put together. Finally decided that the way the pattern uses color I just couldn't go too far wrong... and I've enjoyed my Daybreak, would do another.
Beverly near Yosemite

EGunn said...

Daybreak is beautiful! I love the contrast of the dark and bright colors together. I'm glad there's also some light at the end of the tunnel work-wise, too. =)

Anonymous said...

WOW! You might need to keep that one safely locked away when not wearing it.

AlisonH said...


KnitNana said...

It's lovely, and I'm so glad that Blogger found your post!

Mary Lou said...

Great color combination. How nice that OD appreciates the finer things!

flakagorda said...


Clearly, you have to knit another one. Or Od needs to knit one herself.

twinsetjan said...

GORGEOUS!!! I've been underwater and haven't visited lately -- what a beautiful image to come across on my return! Looking forward to meeting you face-to-face at Sock Summit!

Rachael said...

Very pretty!!!

Carrie#K said...

It's definitely going to be cool enough.

Free! Free! Relatively speaking.

Students that don't like their final grades? At this point? They didn't see it coming? Wowza.