Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A snowy long weekend

As you may know, California's drought appears decidedly to be on hiatus.  Read: we've been getting some serious precipitation. 

Here's a funny thing about that.  I love rain.  I love cold, wet winters.  (Among other things, cold wet winters means snow in the mountains - we'll get to that soon.)  But since getting a horse, I have become decidedly less enamored of rain.  Rain means no turn-outs and no lunging.  And no turn-outs and no lunging means a fresh and frisky horse.  Which means I don't ride.  It's interesting how adding a new activity to my life has completely changed my outlook on weather.
(I got a new camera, about which I am tremendously excited.  Among other things, it is much smaller and lighter than our old good digital camera, with better resolution.  And I can take close-ups again!  Say hi, Disco.)

Our local flora and fauna, however, feel no such ambivalence towards the rain.  Everything around here is bursting out with whatever growth it can muster. 

 Even some of my favorite old trees are looking happier with their feet wet.

Of course, all this rain also means snow!  Rick has been watching the snow reports at Mammoth like a hawk.  When the base got to 15 feet, he started giggling like a child on Christmas eve.  So, for the long weekend, it was pretty obvious where we were going to go.  We got out of town on Thursday afternoon and beat the storm to Mammoth.  Which was a good thing, because by the time we got down the mountain after skiing on Friday, it was hard to find the car.
Glad we didn't drive through all that snow to get there!  The skiing did get a bit hairy here and there, when the mountain was enveloped in clouds and whiteout conditions...
(That's Rick and Younger Daughter, just upslope of me.)  And the top of the mountain didn't open all weekend long - I think it's the first time ever that we've been there and not been able to ski the whole mountain.  When the sun peeked through the clouds, though, the view down into the valley was stunning.
And there was always some Mammoth Brew Co goodness at the end of the day to take away the aches and pains.
The knitting got some run time, too.
(If you look closely, you'll see that's a Bohus reproduction Wild Apple on my head - toasty warm and good-looking to boot!  Those Swedes know a thing or two about keeping warm in the winter.  And what you can't see is that my handspun, handknit cowl is tucked into my coat, keeping my chin and neck toasty warm even in the worst of the wind on the chairlift.)

On the way home, we were treated to stunning views of the eastern Sierra
And the western White Mountains peeking through the clearing storm.
I didn't neglect my knitting, either, although pictures will have to wait for next time.  I finished a hat for Younger Daughter (Ysolda Teague's Snapdragon Tam), and on the drive home, I cast on for my Oa, which I am very excited about.

And I think that's enough for now!  What did you all do for the long weekend?


twinsetellen said...

What did I do this long weekend? Hah! I seem to have fallen into the trap of someone who no longer has weekends because they are retired so they just keep working through everyone else's weekend. I've got a big pile of tech editing jobs these days, and as they both amuse me and are making a real contribution to our adjustment to retirement cash flow, I keep at them.

But wait - I did do some fun things. Saturday I taught a class on Tunisian crochet-in-the-round. A crazy fun technique, a great class, but it kind of wiped me out for the rest of the day. And Sunday I ran (more accurately, jogged) outside, in this insane non-winter we are experiencing here in MN.

I'm so glad you got a break. And that you shared it with us!

Willow said...

I heard about all that snow at Mammouth! Wow! Skiing in near white-out conditions--brave people, you are.
I'm loving the rain and the Irish green hillsides--since I don't have a horse, I can still love the rainy days.

EGunn said...

Looks like a great weekend! I'm glad you're getting rain, though it sounds like mother nature has given up on things in moderation...

I did what I always do at the moment - work on thesis. Can't wait to be done and get back to knitting. Just a few more months! =)