Friday, October 26, 2007

I am SO not lying

Just to prove to you that I have, indeed, made progress on something during this strange and difficult week, here:

It's not a great photo, as it was taken by my in-computer camera, which, when trying to shoot a sweater lying on the floor, must be held up over said sweater, gantry-like (not gansey-like; that would be much more graceful), with one hand, while attempting to manage the cursor (not curser, although there was some of that) with the other hand and not get your hair into the shot.

I am over halfway done with the second sleeve (only four more squares to go, then the checkerboard), and then the neck and I'm done except for weaving in the ends, which, thanks to the combined miracles of knitting in the round, steeks, picked-up stitches, and the three-needle bind-off, should be a cinch (laugh with me now, people, because when a knitter says that, she's just asking for trouble).


Marianne said...

...gasp...I can't believe you wrote 'that'... :^)
Kauni is beautiful!
btw? I saw your comment left at Stephanie's today... what? seriously? ... no Sunrise Circle Sweater? not cast on or anything? (ok, running and ducking...)

Anne said...

I saw your comment at the YH blog too -- you were FIRST! How cool is that?

The Kauni is beautiful. I can't believe you've made so much progress this week with everything else that's been going on.

Five more hours with parents at school this morning and then I can set it all aside for a day. Can't wait!

Turtle said...

That is beautiful!!! wow, glad you are out of the way of the fire..finally!

Fiberjoy said...

Fun wordplay post. :-)

Kauni is looking great. I wonder is she's finished. Hope things continue to cool down and that breezes chase the smoke away.