Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Going home

Just posting quickly to say that things here are back on track, and we're heading home today. We'll be sleeping in our own beds tonight!! The girls and I have been gone since last Monday, and as of Sunday morning, we'd slept in four different homes in six nights. It'll be good to land.

Thanks so much for all of the comments. I love the story about the Russian gentleman; isn't it funny what the brain does in odd moments of stress? I had a friend whose grandmother, when suffering from end-stage Alzheimer's, stopped speaking English altogether, and went back to German, the language she'd spoken as a child. But my grandmother, who spoke French as her first, and for many years dominant, language (a very unique dialect spoken in Woonsocket, RI, if you can believe), kept using English right up to the end, even though her Alzheimer's was so bad she couldn't remember her 50-year marriage at all (when we asked her if she remembered being married, she'd invariably say, "oh, no dear. I would never have gotten married". Interesting).

Grandmom is doing much better. She's back in her assisted living facility, and the girls and I have been spending several hours with her every day. We'll go see her once again this morning, and leave from there to head down south. I've been trying hard to keep the kids' schedules at least a little bit normal with all of this, and to do something fun with them each day (hiking, used bookstores, etc). We also visited a local yarn store yesterday (I need something to distract me, too, right?), which I'll post about in detail tomorrow, but suffice it to say that I fell down. Hard. To the tune of some Sox Stix, and a Lantern Moon bag, and some yarn, and one of those nifty sock pouches. I'll give lots of details tomorrow, with pictures.

Send good driving thoughts! And let's hope that the books on CD that we got from the library hold out as we head down the state.

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Tracy said...

When my mother had her stroke three and a half years ago, she briefly lost the ability to speak sentences--the only words she could come up with were of the four-letter variety. My mother never swore publicly, so this was quite a shock. I knew she was going to be okay, though, when she giggled after every swear word...