Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby steps

I am slowly feeling better. This cold, though, is causing that sort of lingering fatigue that makes it hard to get moving. I'm skipping lunchtime yoga today. Part of me feels bad, but most of me feels like I don't need to work that hard (Ashtanga is great, but not when you're exhausted). I think a walk with Kivrin and Kia tonight while Rick and Tess are at soccer will be a much better thing.

I am also slowly getting some knitting done. I have finished some washcloths to send to Rabbitch for her pile, and I'll actually try to get to the post office to do that this Friday. This is the hardest step for me -- I truly hate going to the post office. I'm not sure what it is, but I have so much trouble with it that I have STILL not sent the scarf that I knitted for my former advisor for her retirement party in June (the knitting was done on time, but I couldn't face the post office). I also seem to have trouble wrapping things; I have three different belated birthday presents in my house right now that only await wrapping. What IS it with me? However, the post office it is on Friday, and I will be mailing the scarf at the same time. And, now that I've finished knitting the washcloths, the plan for tonight is to weave in the ends, and to wrap everything that needs to be wrapped, instead of knitting on Kauni, which I had set aside to finish these. Oh, do you want to see the washcloths? Here they are:
Pretty, no? I love yellow and blue. They always make me feel cheerful.

Other than that, things are quiet. So little to post about (other than griping about the insanity that is my work for the next several weeks, and I think that we've had more than enough of that, thank you very much). I'll try to be interesting today so I have something to say tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Anne said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Going back into the classroom almost always results in colds for all 4 of us--all those germs in one place! I hope an evening walk is restorative and that all is peace & calm where you are.