Sunday, September 23, 2007


Wow, can you believe Kelp! put me in the 12th Yarnival? A very kind thing to do. Rick was a bit surprised to find himself nominated the hunk of that issue of Yarnival (go, baby!), but has decided to be provisionally flattered (I explained to him that knitters have very good taste, and it is definitely a compliment). Thanks everyone who read and commented on that post -- I really appreciate it (and especially thanks for the good info on Kitchener; at some point, the issue just must be resolved so we can give credit where credit is due -- can you imagine socks pre-grafting?!).

We have had some interesting avian goings-on in our yard this afternoon; two red-shouldered hawks have been going at it with a murder of crows. One hawk will fly to a telephone pole and sit, screaming defiance at the world, whilst crows fly around, cawing their corbae brains out. Then, the hawk will fly to a tree, and sit there, shouting "mine! mine!" while the crows land on the telephone pole and laugh. Then they swap. This has been going on, loudly, for hours. The other hawk sits on various branches, supportively adding to the cacophony. It's freaking the cats out no end. I tried very hard to get a picture, but a hawk on a telephone pole looks like a brown lump through my camera, and do you have any idea how fast those babies fly?! So, no go. Rick suggested I record how they sound, but I'll spare you that.

P.S. Submit to Yarnival! The next one is being hosted by Stitch 'n Sue, and she's got a link for submissions there.

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