Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Cheer up, things could get worse...

so I cheered up, and sure enough, things got worse."
-- my mom

Mom clearly has a dark sense of humor.

Things at work just refuse to become better. I am working very hard not to give in to the temptation to storm the halls, shouting, "Behave like grown-ups! This is not kindergarten!" But as that would be a bit childish in itself, I'm guessing that it wouldn't make the situation any better. Alas. Because I'm thinking that it would certainly feel good in the doing.

The effort to control my baser impulses has been heroic, and has had several implications for my evening hours. The first is that I find myself avoiding my computer like the plague, as I never know what email bombs may lurk in its depths. The second is that by the time I get home, get dinner going, get the kids through homework and into bed, I'm done for. I've been crawling into bed soon after the girls do. This is not conducive to knitting, as I can't seem to lie down, read, and knit at the same time. It's also not conducive to taking pictures of anything, so I still have no photos of the silk that I spun over the weekend. Soon, soon...

OK, I decided that was a cop-out, and took a quick picture using the computer, just so you can see. Here:
This is the silk that Wanda sent me, along with a lovely spinning video that I haven't had a chance to post about (one more thing to get to). I'm still planning to knit myself an i-cord bracelet out of it, and as soon as Jan suggested finding a bead for a special closure, I knew what I had to use. These are two lovely greenstone markers/pendants that Stella sent me in the fall that have been waiting for the exact perfect use, and I've found it. The colors don't show as well here as they should, but the green picks up some of the darker greens in the silk and is a lovely complement. Now I just need to figure out in my head how to make a loop on one end to go around the beads at the other. Contemplating this has gotten me through several interminable meetings with cranky people lately.

Meanwhile, in other news, Older Daughter grows apace. Her school shoes became too small, apparently overnight, and in a fit of desperation I dove into my closet and appeared with a pair of shoes that I bought myself some time ago that just don't make my feet happy. They fit her. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the fact that my not-quite-ten-year-old can wear my shoes. In looking for the silver lining, it occurs to me that this means that she will not be able to borrow my shoes when she's in high school. This is good, yes?


NTK said...

That would be good if it turns out to be true, but if she's like my aunt, she'll borrow and stretch them. ;) Just teasing. I think your mom and I would get along.
If it makes you feel any better about work, I gave in to my inner child last week in Senate when I called someone's motion unnecessary and redundant. I got applauded for it, but then I just felt small. It pays to keep yourself in check, as hard as it may be.

Bea said...

The yarn is so beautiful and such a tiny little skien. What a great present!

Anne said...

I can't wait for break so I can spin again too. I'm jealous.

One good thing about having enormous feet (there's one difference between us!) is that my version of Older Daughter is YEARS from wearing my shoes, except in that clomp-around -the-house way they do when they're tiny.

Stay calm. You have pointy sticks, remember?

EGunn said...

It's kinda ironic that your daughter has started fitting your shoes just as you're feeling like some childish stomping...

Sometimes I think it's too bad we're not in kindergarten anymore; things might be better if everyone just had their temper tantrums and their meltdowns and got it out of the air. Maybe. And, at least kindergarteners get naps. =)

Your spinning is beautiful, and those pendants are just the right color. There's always one little bright spot in the day, right?

Willow said...

From the Kindergarten authority:

1. Please have your tantrums at home. The only thing I can do for you while you have your tantrum is to tell you to go to the Time Away Chair and punch out Clifford the Red Dog instead of your neighbor on the next carpet square.

2. At least at our kindergarten, there are no naps allowed. Not even for the teacher.

3. If you are going to have a tantrum and don't want to go to the Time Away Chair, you can crawl under one of the tables, because I'm not allowed to pull you out. But please allow yourself to be cajoled out with rational statements of reason such as, "You will owe me five minutes at recess if you aren't out from under there by the time I count to five." Otherwise, I will have to call the principal or your mother, and you won't like that. (And have another tantrum.)

4. Instead of a tantrum, try running around on the playground for ten minutes. It's quieter.

And now from the Spinning Enthusiast:

1. I love the yarn, the bracelet idea, and the green clasps.

2. Planning the bracelet is more productive than a tantrum. And quieter.

Marianne said...

I appreciate good dark humour.

Havala was probably around that age when her feet caught up to mine, didn't take long for them to leave mine in the dust either... and yes, it IS a good thing.

That little silk skein is a Beauty!

Courtney said...

Isn't it tragic that no one's found a way to read and knit simultaneously? I always hate having to choose! When you're exhausted, it's just not fair.

I know the feeling of avoiding your email. It's no fun. I've been sending good wishes into the universe for your work situation to get better. Still hoping it does. :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I can redirect my mind during those annoying wakeful times at night when I wake up worrying about work (at an hour that absolutely nothing can be done about whateve) into figuring out knit things. Pretty much like working it out during your dreadful meetings. Only without listening to other people.

Temper tantrums are exhausting.

I like the Icord bracelet idea. May come in handy one day.

Anonymous said...

For reading and knitting at the same time (and as an insomnia cure too, although that does not seem to be your problem), I recommend audiobooks. A good 200-300 page novel is usually about 10 hours of unabridged audiobook. I belong to, so I get one audiobook of my choice every month for $15. I highly recommend it.

I hope work gets better -- for now just hang in and knit.

Take care.

Nana Sadie said...

If she's like my daughter she could wear my stuff for about 15 minutes.
Then she was too big.

Stell said...
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Stell said...

Very nice spun silk, you go girl, and I'm so happy that the ponamu will have a deserving spot. Have you sussed out the loop thing yet? plait it back on itself - or maybe weave it in using a needle? or whip it in place - oh you can tell I did time in the girl guides can't you once I mention whipping and yarns together?
Sorry I'm catching up and reading posts out of order, I did like the frittata, gave me a few ideas for variations for our family frittata. Cast iron rules here to, no non stick - can't put it in the oven and good cast iron is non stick.

I'm not so happy about the girls growing bigger, not sure you or I am quite ready for that, and about the email maybe only open at work? I'm not sure what else to say except keep spinning, knitting, cooking and reading :-)