Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Instant gratification

(No, the wheel has not yet arrived.)

Y'all are some people with opinions when it comes to the knitting of baby gear. This is a good thing, though, as it turns out that I seem to have run out of decisiveness lately. So I'll just borrow all of y'all's, OK? The vote came down to socks, or a jacket-like object (several suggestions were bandied about, all of them good).

I seriously contemplated hauling out the odds and ends sock yarn stash to think about doing an EZ Baby Surprise jacket. Then I spoke to my friend (the one who's having the baby), and it turns out she's probably going to be induced on Friday. This rather compressed my timetable, so I cast aside (get it? get it? I slay me) Rick's socks in favor of a pair of baby socks. Dudes, talk about instant gratification. I cast on last night, and finished them tonight while Younger Daughter was doing her math homework. Very nice. I'll probably start the second tonight while reading in bed. It has been ages since I had a project which allows me to read while knitting, and I'd forgotten how much I like it. I also found myself unreasonably charmed by the fact that knitting this sock required absolutely no planning, and just about no thought. I spent approximately 30 seconds thinking about what kind of stitch gauge I might get with the yarn, asked Rick to guesstimate the circumference of a baby's leg with his fingers and then guesstimate what the actual measurement was, did a bit of math, and bob's your uncle, I cast on 32 stitches. (Can I just mention that I love the fact that the word "guesstimate" does not set off Blogger's spellchecker? That's cool. Spellchecker does, though. You can't have it all.)

I knitted the top in k2 p2 rib using some of the remaining smidge of Dream in Color Smooshy, and then did the foot plain in some Cherry Tree Hill. The result (in bad nighttime light using PhotoBooth):
I'm in love. I could make baby socks until the cows come home. And I just might. These just take so much less time than knitting Rick's socks! Meanwhile, I remembered that I also had a pair of booties that I'd knitted once upon a time, figuring that I was going to be ready, yes indeedy ready, for this baby's arrival. Alas for the idealistic plans of youth.
These are the 3-hour baby booties from Stitch 'N Bitch. They are on my list of sure-fire, no-fail, get-'em-done-fast baby knitting. I keep some superwash bulky wool around just for these. So, if I can whip the second sock out (and I don't see why I couldn't), I'm hoping to mail these off by the end of the week so they're waiting for my friend when she gets home with the baby. Then I can think about something more serious and indicative of how happy I am to see this baby coming into the world. I'm thinking it's either Baby Surprise, or the DIC baby jacket that I keep seeing. I almost hesitate to ask where one might find the pattern and yarn for that jacket. I'm a bit afraid of the damage I might do to my bank account.

Meanwhile, this new focus will help with figuring out what kind of knitting to pack for the drive up and down the state. The library just got the copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on CD in (we save these for long car trips, and I put in the request way in advance to be sure we can get the next one), so we're good to go; I just need some knitting to do. Obviously, baby knitting. And the rest of Rick's sock. And then I can't decide whether to knit myself a pair of socks out of the happy springtime pink and green yarn I have, or the pair of Marie Antoinettes with the lovely golden yarn Anne sent, or a pair of Acorn Socks (which feel rather fall-like to me, and therefore which might have to wait). Decisions, decisions.


Courtney said...

Oh, how I miss long-car-ride knitting with an audio-book playing. I think the mere talk of it on here has inspired me to take a little weekend excursion. The problem is convincing someone else to drive, or learning to knit while I take the wheel. :(

Your baby knitting sounds so wonderfully gratifying! I haven't knit anything but massive heirloom blankets for babies, so I might have to take a page out of your book. You sound happy with all of it! And such cute socks!

I'm thinking I might make the Peacock Feathers Shawl with my new ice-blue laceweight, but I don't know yet. It's such a gorgeous yarn! I'll have to post pictures as soon as I get my camera back.

Sorry for being absent from the comments so long. I've been reading, though. :) Can't WAIT to see your new wheel!

Marianne said...

All I can think...'she can knit while reading'.... ok, so that's not all I can think but jeezelouise. I am so impressed.
Baby knits, so much fun, especially those bitty socks, which are so cute I'm cramping.

Anonymous said...

Candy Knitting!

Nana Sadie said...

How cute! You done good! running away, covering head with hands

Anonymous said...

I am baby knitting now too . . . There is a shower for another teacher at my school next wednesday, so the other knitting teacher and I were frantically working on projects at lunch today. I am going for the 5 hour baby sweater (a staple of mine) while the other teacher knits a chili-pepper hat.

As a sidenote, I wanted to do the EZ BSJ but could not understand the pattern in the Opinionated Knitter at all. If you've knitted it and have any guidance, please let me know.

Happy baby knitting!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is hard to choose what to knit for babies. The short timetable forced you to a good place - the sock is so sweet!-, but I do say, the Tulips Cardigan is an excellent choice for follow up. I will happily share my sources (feeling like a drug dealer here).

The EZ baby sweaters - both the February sweater from the Almanac and the surprise sweater - are delightful fun, too. I've done one surprise and a couple of the other. The trick to the surprise jacket is to turn off your brain and just follow the instructions, even when they don't make sense. Anonymous, if you want to contact me via my blog or Ravelry (where I am twinsetellen), I'd happily try to help you over any rough spots.

Marianne's comment is hilarious - "so cute I'm cramping"!

Bea said...

eeee! So cute.

Alisha said...

Oh I love your little socks and booties.

I love knitting in the car...I take knitting even we are out just running arrands lol

You won earrings a while back at my blog. I left a message in your comments but hadn't heard from you.

My email is holymolynonames@yahoo.ca

If you send me your snail mail I will get them off to you. There was purple coloring or orange. The purple had silver butterflies as well.

Margaret said...

Those are too precious! Love the two-tone sock, great for all those leftover sock yarns. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy all that knitting time!

Anonymous said...

So annoying about the Wheel not being on your doorstep as you finish the order. Alas.

The baby socks and booties are so cute! Car knitting sounds lovely. You're going to be up my way when I'm swamped? Bummer! My parents have the bad sense to have their 50th anniversary next Sat. I hope to have time to buy a card. ;)

Anonymous said...

You can knit and READ at the same time??? I'm so envious.

Your baby socks have inspired me in that direction. I do need to make something to welcome grandbaby #2 in May.

Did your wheel arrive in time for you to admire it before taking off on the trip?

Hope your trip's good and that Rick's grandmother is in fine health and great spirits.