Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Definition of bummer

Losing your pattern whilst travelling.

Don't you agree?

It's the pattern for the shell that I appear to have lost. The good news is that it was a copy, and I have the magazine at home. The bad news is that I've done what I remember (the three shaping rows for the waist and the plain rows in between), so now I have to stop. Which means that I packed up all that yarn for no good reason. That would be less annoying if it weren't for the fact that this is a very slippery yarn, and it's been put up in balls, and the balls keep falling apart. Also, this is perfect car knitting, as so much of it is stockinette knitted in the round, and now I can't knit on the way home on Sunday. Alas.

Here's a picture just to show you the color; I got a few more inches knitted before I had to stop.

Also, I knitted up the gauge swatch for the shawl that I'll be starting soon, using the gorgeous icelandic yarn that my friend Jill brought back for me this spring.

Alas (again) it turns out that the size six needles that I was using are too big, and I have no size fives, so I had to go and get some. (I am aware that this is perhaps not so large an alas as the last one; it's never a bad thing to go visit a yarn store.) The girls and I drove into Berkeley, where we visited the Cheese Board for some scones and brioche for tomorrow morning (I love the Cheese Board -- what's not to love?), then we headed over to Solano, where we went to a yarn store that's new since I lived here and which I've been dying to visit. Their web site didn't say what yarns they had, so I wasn't sure what it would be all about, and I went there telling myself that I was not going to be buying yarn; the trip was for a set of size five Addis, and that was that. Except not so much.

I got some of this:
I can't remember the name, except that this is the dyer who did the cashmere/silk roving that I brought to NZ for Stella (I'll post the yarn name later). She's from here in California, and this is a lovely superwash/tencel blend. Even better, the put-up is in two small skeins, so it's already prepared for knitting socks. I've got a plan for these to play with a toe-up sock, but we'll see if I go through with it. I also got some of this to make some knee-socks for Younger Daughter for school.
I keep hearing about this sock yarn, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone by trying it out. All in all, this store was amazing -- excellent stock, and really really friendly folks there. I will definitely be going back.

The girls and I then had pizza at Zachary's, and headed home. We've been visiting with Grandmom every day, which is wonderful, and hiking as much as we can (more later about a lovely visit to Point Reyes; I forgot the camera). So I guess that really, the pattern thing is not such a bummer in the grand scheme of things.


Anne said...

When I saw your post title I was imagining all sorts of horrors, so in the grand scheme, your being without that pattern a few days is (to me anyway) a huge relief. All pattern walkabouts aside, thank you for making MY day .... you are too nice.

Anonymous said...

Lovely yarn. And I still can't get over that Icelandic. Knit up it is even prettier.

What a great way to visit an older relative - hike some and visit some. It is a twofer trip. I have to remember that.

Mary Lou said...

I have that issue if you want a scan to tide you over. Not copyright violation because you do own the mag.

EGunn said...

Pattern wanderings are definitely frustrating! (It's more frustrating when you get home and find it right in the suitcase where you thought it was...) But, it sounds like you're having a good trip anyway, and, good knitter that you are, you had backup. And people ask why we pack so many projects. =)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to offer a scan of the pattern but someone did it already.

It seems to me you are have a great vacation, excellent!

Your new yarn looks very beautiful.

Marianne said...

The colour for your shell is absolutely delightful. Drats about the MIA pattern but it looks like fine people have your back on this.

That first cake of yarn? What GORgeous colours. mmmmm.

Yes, all in all it sounds like a great time.

Anonymous said...

RE: Jitterbug, love the yarn but the skeins can be "skimpy" you definitely want to go toe up and most likely two at a time ... so you don't run out of yarn!
Had to do a major "search" to find another skein to finish a pair not too long ago.

Nana Sadie said...

I'm so sorry...delaying what you'd planned is sad, but oh I love that subtly shaded tencel blend...!
Glad you could at least pick something else up to do!

Katie said...

I adore Jitterbug and hope you do too! Unlike Anonymous, I found the skeins to be quite ample; however, if you DO run low, you can buy HALF skeins of most any color on line to finish up.

Stell said...

bummer about the pattern, but look where(what) not having the right needles to hand got you. Love the jitterbug colours, and that dyer is fab - good score on the yarn she dyed.

the boogeyman's wife said...

that is a bummer....then again, it looks like you found some uppers!

Helen said...

I just love to read all the different ways to buy yarn, when one isn't actually buying any yarn. Theoretically I'm not buying any yarn just now, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Lovely to see the Jitterbug: I ponder over it regularly but I just can't choose a colour. And I've been waiting with bated breath to see what you would do with the icelandic yarn.

Anonymous said...

The only thing to worry about with the jitterbug is that it's not superwash. I made my mom some socks with it, and she's not had a problem since she washes them by hand, but lots of people on ravelry have had it felt more than they like.

Take someone up on the pattern scanning . . . It's a shame to waste that car knitting time :-)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Does anyone have a copy of the pattern they can send you? Ah, good.

Oooh, the Cheese Board. I haven't been there in eons.

Pretty stash enhancement!

Alwen said...

That icelandic is lovely. So is the tencel blend. I have a tencel shirt I love - someday I must try some tencel yarn.

Bea said...

Loosing stuff sucks. But the yarn store trip and all the accompanying stuff sounds fun! I've heard about the jitterbug being skimpy, but maybe not for socks for your younger daughter?

mehitabel said...

Love that color of Jitterbug! I had seen and fondled the yarn but couldn't decide on a color till I saw the Lapis. Mmmm!
Glad you will get the pattern help you need! That's a gorgeous color, too, and so is the new yarn!