Thursday, August 28, 2008

You know you love your dog when...

You smell stinky dog breath while you're standing in the kitchen cooking, and instead of thinking "eeewww", you think, "aww, it's Kia" and feel like all is right in your world.

I will add that you know your husband loves you when, after your iPod inexplicably bricks itself, he kindly lets you download your latest audiobook onto his, and then take it on indefinite leave until you figure out what to do with your own.

In knitting news, I got distracted by a shiny object before actually casting on for the pink socks. I haven't gotten far enough on it, though, to make photos worth showing, or to make a report very interesting, so I'll hold off on that.

I haven't knit as much this week as I have been lately, as my real job suddenly loomed up out of nowhere and slammed me in the face; can you believe these people actually expect me to work for my paycheck? Sheesh. So I've made it through my first week of classes as of today (meetings, however, are not yet over for the week), and I was reminded, as I always am, of why I love this part of the job so much. I'm teaching English Grammar and Syntax this semester (two sections), which I promise you is infinitely more fun than it sounds. And I'm teaching one of my very favorite classes in all the world: Gender and Language. I'm so happy with the group I've got this semester -- they're already talking, which is a huge boon, and makes that class great fun. The one bummer is that I have only two men in the class; of the four originally enrolled, one walked out halfway through the first class (maybe right about when I pointed out that "masculine" is a gender?), and the other didn't show up today. In fact, I only had one man in class today, but he was a very good sport about his singularity, so I have high hopes.

The other reason that I haven't been knitting as much is that my back is acting up, which doesn't show up in back pain, but in radiating pain down my leg. I don't know why it's doing that; the last time it did, I lived with it for almost two years before finally breaking down and having surgery to fix the ruptured disc that was causing the trouble. I am hoping that this is not an indication of problems of that magnitude, and have decided that for the moment avoiding all MRIs is the way to maintain that hope. Massage, walking, and rest seem indicated. We'll see where I go from there.

Tomorrow, amidst all the other meetings I have to go to, my on-campus knitting group is getting together again for the first time this semester, so with luck I'll have something fibrous to show for myself when I post again, which I'll try to do tomorrow. We have a quiet weekend planned, with a night of camping and a birthday party to attend. Maybe we'll squeeze some beach time in there, too. What's everyone else doing for Labor Day weekend?

P.S. I loved all the responses to my realization that I'm not knitting that particular pair of socks because I'm hating the two size zero circs. Each and every one was a beautiful example of mileage varying by knitter. I love a sport where it turns out that we're all here to have fun.


Anne said...

o dear o dear -- do you have a good chiropractor? I couldn't live without mine (and in fact am dismayed that he chose to take a 5day Labor Day weekend, what's THAT about?). In any case, I hope the back pain is resolved by your various remedies. Your classes sound great. I wish I could audit Gender and Language.

Bea said...

Don't forget hot and cold packs. They helped me a lot. I hope your back pain won't last too long.

I'm glad your classes are starting out so well! I'm with Anne in saying I wouldn't mind auditing the Gender and Language class.

Lynne said...

I had a rare 'sick' day yesterday; I realised something was wrong with my back as soon as I got out of bed. I took a shower but in trying to dry myself found that the pain radiated from my back to my chest muscles [some call them 'pecs'] and I could hardly breathe. It was WM's rostered day off; he called my boss. The pain is better today but I'm still pretty stiff!
Backs are so necessary to every day life, aren't they? Hope yours gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

I remember taking a college anthropology class on Native Americans just because I could, and being the only white person in there. I learned a LOT. Especially from the other students.

(Meantime, heal quickly!)

Helen said...

I would just like to add to the uncalled-for advice that you will no doubt receive, and suggest that you find a cranio-sacral therapist: sometimes called a cranial osteopath. I went to one after my osteopath said I should 'try cranio- sacral or find a stronger osteopath', because I have such a stubborn skeleton, and she's fab.

I started reading you around the start of last year's academic year, and I share your indignation. I hope this year has fewer of the non-teaching aggravations and that you can enjoy your classes. I agree with you: syntax is fun.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your back, did you try acupuncture? it helped me a lot a few times when I had severe lower back pain. But, you must fins someone with good references!

Mary Lou said...

Hope the long weekend lets you relax and the back relaxes with it.

Nana Sadie said...

Um. Sciatic nerve? (I know a great yoga stretch, email me)

I want to come take your Gender and Language class! (I used to teach the Grammar, so not so much on that one)
So, how many women will be "staffing" my booth next weekend? (As opposed to "manning")
And um...yes, size 0 circs? Not so much...I'll be very glad to finish my Seaweed Socks, and never touch them again.
Have a WONDERFUL, restfull weekend!

Anonymous said...

Masculine is not the default all? Shocking!

Every Monday (or Tuesday! next week), work smacks me in the face. How easily we forget...

The only good thing about the return of meetings is the return of knittable meetings.

Oh dear, you've been struck by the body rebellious.

Wish I could sit and knit with you (and knit through your classes). Your work sounds more fun than my work just now. The grass is greener etc etc.

Have a lovely long weekend! We've got a visit to Marin to see an old friend one day. And a ride in the park for little kids getting used to biking without training wheels with some other friends. And trying not to set the hills on fire. Beach sounds nice.

Willow said...

I am so sorry about the back back pain. I truly do empathize. And yes, I am using the word in its exact definition.

English Grammar and Syntax! I'd love to take that class. Do you do any historical English language etomology? I find the 'reason behind' the odd spelling/pronunciation/syntax/grammar really fasciniating.

Labor Day Weekend: farmers market on Saturday. Not much else except the usual playing with the New Boy, and normal weekend chores.

Marianne said...

I hope your back is better Soon, back pain really can take the fun out of everything.
Your Gender and Language class appeals to me also.

the boogeyman's wife said...

your language classes sound fascinating. i've been toying with the idea of taking some classes from the local U here, maybe i'll check out the linguistics stuff. hope you can get your back in shape.

Anonymous said...

Denial has such great healing power. Not. Go see a doctor.

Evidently for that one student, masculine wasn't a gender but an attitude? lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good luck with the leg/back pain. It is such a frustrating thing to treat, what with there being such a lack of good diagnostics. One thing that helped me more than most else - switching to a standing desk.

My daughter comes home from a year in Korea this week - she would love to be in your classes. She fails to understand why so few of her friends want to discuss how punctuation changes everything whenever they get together. I'll have to point her to your blog.

Rachael said...

I'm so behind on my reading, but I hope you are feeling better now!