Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shawl That Jazz

Really, the name of this shawl is good enough to be the title of the post, don't you think?

It's finished! I had it mostly done last night (a movie marathon helped; the girls wanted to watch the fifth Harry Potter movie, and then Rick and I watched The International). Then I knitted the last row and cast off early this morning, after being woken at yeurgh-o'clock by a UPS driver calling from the East Coast to ask about delivering Rick's father's birthday present. Seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up.

But it's finished!
I haven't blocked it yet. Do you all block garter-stitch knitwear like this? I suppose I should soak it and lay it out, if only to show it who's boss, but I haven't yet.
Isn't it lovely? I'm very happy with the colors, which remind me of a Monet painting. Maybe I should name it Giverny? (Pictures are all courtesy of Rick and his new camera, which beats the old one all to heck.)
It's got just the right amount of ruffle at the bottom for me. And I think that I used up as much of the yarn as I could have; I definitely did not have another row left in the ball when I was done.
It's like a cozy blanket that's pretty enough to drag around in public. Linus should have had it so good.

To summarize, this is Shawl That Jazz (Rav link), knitted in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted yarn, in the colorway Azure Malachite. I used pretty much all of two skeins, which puts this at about 1120 yards. Knitted on size 9 Knitpicks Harmony Options needles. I'm glad I went up a size, since I don't think I would have wanted the fabric any denser than this (thanks Anne and Kim for working that one out for me ahead of time!).

I'm so happy to have this done well in advance of the trip. I'm going to fool around with the second Fraggle sock until I leave, but I don't feel any pressure to have it done or anything. That leaves me the trip to knit the second half of Hillflower, and then three weeks once I'm home to knit a Twinings scarf for Sock Summit. Both of those goals feel manageable to me, and wait until you see the yarn Chris sent me for the Twinings -- absolutely edible.

Meanwhile, I think I like it.


Carrie K said...

I think it's perfect!

I wet block everything.

Sounds like you've got the vacation plans down pat.

Rachel said...

Beautiful and the colors are great. You knitted it so fast, great job!

I don't think garter needs any blocking but if you have bossing issue go right ahead,,, hehehehe

Kassia said...

It looks lovely! Nice job! :)

I still haven't started mine yet, too many works in progress that I need to finish first. Unfortunately I think I may be developing a case of startitis.... so who knows? I may be starting my STJ sooner than I think LOL.

Nana Sadie said...

OH!!! FABULOUS! And don't you look wonderful in it???

You used 9s? Hmm. Okay, that's good enough for me.

(I told you not to block if you didn't feel like it, but I bow to Carrie's wisdom!)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

shawl looks great.. and I think that is the perfect amount of ruffle

Wool Enough said...

It's beautiful. And Giverny is the perfect name. As determined as I am to stick to spinning and lace knitting for the summertime, that shawl is calling me -- loud, too. Perhaps I could just start shopping for the yarn.

Heather said...

Looks so comfy and beautiful

adrienne said...

it looks perfect on you! love the colors!

Willow said...

Perfect colors! It looks like a summer day at the beach- surf and sky. I might not block it only because I wouldn't be able to bear not wearing it for that long.

I have 435 yds of a hand spun silk/merino blend that I am messing around with, trying to decide what to make. Not enough for Shawl That Jazz, sadly.

Lynne said...

Congratulations on a job well done.

Gorgeous colours and it looks toasty warm - which I need right now more than you do!! It's been miserable here all weekend - I think it reached 16*C/60*F but it felt much colder due to the damp, damp, damp! :-(

Jane said...

Congratulations on another lovely finish. The colour is beautiful and it really suits you

twinsetellen said...

"a cozy blanket that's pretty enough to drag around in public" - a perfect description and just what you want a truly usable shawl to be. It is so simple and simply gorgeous.

I am another committed wet blocker. Even garter stitch smooths out a bit more.

AlisonH said...

Very cool! The perfect blue, the perfect rufflitudinousness, the perfect smile to go with in celebration. And did I mention I really like it?

Bea said...

Love it. I think it really turned out awesome.

ruthee... said...

Gorgeous! You look tres chic!

Gwen said...

Sweet Shawl!

Yup, I'd wash and block it. If just for the washing. And even things out a bit, even if they don't really need evening. It'll be drapier for a bit, until the garter pulls back in. At least, that's what I find with my garter shawls/scarves.

Love that last happy photo!

Mary Lou said...

It looks great, and perfect for travel. The lacy things tend to get snagged, in my experience. Or maybe I'm just clumsy. I'd only block it if it looked uneven. After all, you'll probably need to wash it when you get back, and then it will be wet blocked.

EGunn said...

It looks so warm and cozy! I probably wouldn't block, but that's mostly because I wouldn't want to wait for it to dry! Love the colors.

Kim said...

Okay - I don't know when you got your hair cut, but you look so hot and sancy!!! Way hot!!! And did I mention saucy????

Oh - knitting. Yes, I finished my Shawl that Jazz too! I blocked it and liked it better. Glad I could do the 'footwork' on the denseness issue for you! hahaha. Well have fun in Scotland!!

Rachael said...

It's beautiful, you have inspired me, now I want to make one!

I hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip!!