Sunday, September 13, 2009

Continuing unbloggability

I am still in The Middle Place with all of my projects. I am glad to notice that I'm not the only one who goes through this stage in my projects; many of you seemed to recognize it from my description. In looking at the (active; note that I am not counting here the couple of long-term, mostly inactive projects OTN) projects that I have going, I think that I might have one too many. How does this happen? So, a quick progress report:

Urban Aran: This is currently sitting next to my evening knitting chair, as it is not something I can knit during meetings because of the cables. Progress has, momentarily, halted because the unbloggable project is also one that cannot be taken to meetings because of the attention it requires while knitting. But this will be the first one that gets some concerted attention once that's done, as I still have hopes of wearing it to Cincinnati at the end of October.

Elektra: Progress continues apace on this one, as it's great for knit night and for soccer. I'm about halfway through the second sleeve. I would be further, but I got to the bit with lots of color changes just as Older Daughter's soccer game got really exciting (they tied it up 1-1 in the last ten minutes of the game). The colors of this still delight my soul. I find it hard to put it down to knit on the more complex projects in the evening, as I can't wait to wear it.

Rick's socks: These have stalled. I need to spend a little bit of time today ripping back so I can turn the heel again. At that point, it will become good meeting knitting again. This is better for meetings than Elektra because it requires only one ball of yarn. I don't have too many meetings this week (mirabile!), but I do have one on Tuesday and I'd like to have it ready to go again by then. That should happen today. And it just occurred to me that we're going to a chamber concert this afternoon (half-price tickets courtesy of Older Daughter's affiliation with her school orchestra); must have the ripping done by then...

The unbloggable project: Moving right along. This has been my evening project of late, and I got to spend some time on it yesterday in my knitting chair on the back patio, once we were home from soccer and errand-running. It's temperate enough for the moment to make sitting outdoors with wool on the lap not a misery; I plan to do some more of that today (if I can get my chair back).

That's my back patio knitting chair. Here's my view:
It's a little less leafy now, and there are no purple jacaranda flowers on the ground (that picture was taken a while ago), but that's more or less what I get to see as I sit in my chair. I'm looking forward to it.

I also mentioned that we went to the tide pools at Point Loma last weekend while Rick's parents were visiting. The tide wasn't quite as low as it was the last time we went, so the tidepools weren't as good, but we did see an octopus, which we all agreed was well worth the drive all on its own.

Rick's dad and Younger Daughter gave the waves a stern talking-to when they got too close.
Rick's mom and the girls looked for crabs in the cracks in the cliff wall.
And we all scrambled our way into a cavern in the cliff face.
Older Daughter had a moment to herself.
While Younger Daughter explored.
I think it's time to start keeping an eye on the tide charts so we can find a really low tide to head down there again.


Jane said...

Doesn't look like you will be getting that chair back soon

Rachel said...

Lovely sight from your chair and it seems like you all had a good time, low or high water and all!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I am sooo evnvious... I wish I had tidepool near my housegp

EGunn said...

Mmm...looks like a good weekend! I envy you the view from your knitting chair, and your access to the ocean. =)

Hope you make it past the middle place soon!

Willow said...

Those tide pools look much like the LaJolla seashore (understandably). I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your various projects. I hope you get lots of knitting chair time the rest of the weekend!


Cincinnati? You will be there? I am not so far. Tell me more.

Helen said...

I think you need to get another chair. Or maybe two.

Anonymous said...

I just did a Bohus knitting class at Stitches Midwest and was thinking about you. I'm going to have to save up for a kit (or 3 :-)

Sorry about the meetings, and glad that the knitting continues even if it's not done.

Take care.

Bea said...

I'm with you on the sock pain. I'm having to rip back my latest pair because apparently I made the gusset too deep. Who knew that you don't need it as deep if you work toe-up instead of top down??

The tide pools look like fun. That's one of the oh so many things I miss about living by the ocean.

twinsetellen said...

Tide pools were one of the things that captured my imagination when I was a child - living smack in the middle of the country (well, almost, it was Ohio).

And I agree with Helen that you need more chairs so we can all join you!

Mary Lou said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend.

Lynne said...

Are you sure it's your chair? Is it possible that you are just allowed to use it sometimes? LOL

Remember: "Dogs have family, cats have staff!"

Gwen said...

A good description of the Middle Place. Seems like a lot of living happens in the Middle Place.

We were at Rodeo Beach briefly last Saturday. Rain-ish. Windy, of course. I love peering over the edge of the cliffs to the interesting rounded out bits filled with crashing waves. I have no desire to go exploring in them. But I'd like to explore your tidal pools! (We also need a tide book, and to learn to use it)

Carrie K said...

That sounds like a great thing to do. Low tide would be even more fun.

I don't think you should expect to get the chair back anytime soon.

I wanna see the unbloggable project! [whines]

M.E. Greene said...

It's always a bit of a bummer when all the projects get to a stalled "middle space" at the same time. But then I've noticed that what follows is a very refreshing finishing spree (and that always makes up for it).

Happy knitting,