Thursday, January 14, 2010


I had all kinds of post thoughts for today. I wanted to (and am about to, in that wonderful way that language allows us to do something while saying that we no longer mean to do it; sort of like those insults that go, "I didn't want to hurt your feelings by telling you how bad that looked...") write all about the fabulous day I had on Tuesday with Anne and Kim, how nice it was to have a chance to spend time with friends whom I just don't get to see often enough. But lucky for me, Anne did a fabulous job of it here, with better pictures than I could ever take (even if I did remember to take my camera along, which I didn't), not to mention photo documentation of both of us in our versions of Sprossling. (Also, for another gorgeous version, go check out Rachael's right here -- stunning.)

And I was going to talk about what I'm knitting (two new projects OTN), and how much I absolutely loved Invictus, and how the start of my semester is looming in imminent fashion.

But I think that what I want to do instead is to send you here, where Stephanie has made an appeal that speaks to what I'm feeling right now. The news coming out of Haiti is horrifying, and I can only imagine the terror of being a mother and a wife and a sister and a friend there now, wondering where my loved ones are and if they are safe. There isn't a lot I can do from here, and talking to my friends and colleagues, I don't think I'm the only one who's feeling helpless in the face of such a catastrophe, but I've sent what I can to Doctors Without Borders, along with my thoughts and hopes.


Gwen said...

Yes. Empathy of horror and not knowing.

(and what the heck is Invictus about? It doesn't seem like a terribly nice word, but those sure are some big smiles on the billboards)

twinsetellen said...

I've already donated to UUSC and Red Cross, and DWB crossed my mind tonight as I listened to a Haitian doctor speaking on NPR. What really got me was when the professional reporter got choked up describing a girl lying in a driveway, her shivering body covered by a sheet, no one nearby. And the stories of families here in the US, trying to find out if their loved ones survived. Maybe that girl is one of them.

Rachel said...

I am speechless about Haiti and the thought that the help can't get to them is really devastating.

I too, donated what I can to Doctors without Borders yesterday but every time I see more photos or news from there I wish I could really help somehow!

Oh and I loved Invictus so very much too.

Nana Sadie said...

Indeed. Haiti's situation is horrifying.

Beautiful sweaters, btw, and the photo of you on Anne's blog? WOW! You should indeed wear that blue a lot a lot a lot!!!

AlisonH said...

Thank you.

My husband is fluent in French (although not Creole) and a ham, and got on the radio and talked to a Catholic father who told him that where he was, the buildings were all destroyed but somehow in their town there were no serious injuries.

Where was he, I asked.

I didn't think to ask, he answered. He was just so overwhelmed at gratitude that at least one pocket of the population had come out okay that it just hadn't occurred.

EGunn said...

Some days it's hard to find the words, and the content suddenly seems less important. There will be time for writing later, and in the meantime, we'll knit and hope for those in trouble. Glad you had a good time with Anne and Rachel!

Michelle Martino said...

I bought myself a Kindle for Christmas. I too was fearful that I would miss the turning of the pages and the feel of the paper. I can honestly say I do not miss it one bit! The Kindle is so convenient. I downloaded my 1st book which is $12 at Borders for $6.49. It is so slim and sleek and fits perfectly inside my purse right next to my knitting. You won't be disappointed! I am anxiously waiting the release of Sprossling. Any suggestions/tips on starting her up?