Friday, August 20, 2010

Admitting the problem

Is the first step to recovery, right?

In the case of the proliferation of projects, I'm unconvinced. Maybe I need to sign a non-proliferation agreement with someone? But who would agree to something like that? All the knitters I know are busily encouraging me in my abandon.

I may have too many projects on the needles. And goodness knows I have too many more lined up to be knitted! I don't have a lot of pictures, so there will be more Rav linking than I usually do (so if you're going to follow along, you may want to log in right now), but it seems like it might be a good idea to come (marginally) clean before the semester starts, so I can see just how big the problem is.

1. The zigzag scarf. But that may not be such a problem, since I tried it on last night, and even though I haven't finished the ball of yarn, it really is long enough -- much longer, and it'll be out of control. I think I'll be casting that off sometime today, just for the satisfaction of it. I'm not even going to block it I don't think, so once I weave the ends in, I'm done.
2. The tropical fish socks. I've got the heel turned on the second one, and am working my way down the foot. That should go fairly quickly, and those may be the perfect project for Older Daughter's soccer game tomorrow (the first of the season). So those may be done soon, too.
3. The latest test knit for Anne. (AKA Pea Vines) I'm only just halfway done with the first chart on this, but I am in love. The yarn is fabulous, the pattern is fun -- it turns out that nupps really are addictive, and so cute when they're done that they're irresistible! I'll be posting more about this as I progress. The good news on this project is that it's bottom up, so the rows will get shorter rather than longer, and I will speed up as I go, rather than slowing down.
4. The cardi cozy. I started this forever and a day ago, and left it to languish. I recently picked it up again and figured out where the heck I was in the pattern, and where I needed to go next, and am now halfway down the first sleeve. It annoys me, so I'm having trouble sticking with it. But I'm not going to rip it out now, both because I think (although I'm not sure) that this will be something I'll wear quite a bit once it's done, and also because KidSilk Haze does not, in my experience, frog very well. Maybe if I hate it, it will be someone's Christmas present?
5. And speaking of Christmas presents, I just bought yarn to cast on for mittens for my neice. I saw these and fell utterly in love. I bought the pattern last night, and the yarn earlier this week, and I will be casting on soon (this is where the startitis is showing).
6. I am also considering a yarn purchase for this. I have the pattern, and all the cool kids at my LYS are making one, and I figure it'll be good soccer knitting once the socks are done, right? I considered getting some Noro Silk Garden for it (I've always wanted to try Noro), until I realized I'd need seven (7) balls, and a) my LYS only has two of each colorway (thank goodness, because) b) that would break my yarn budget for the next decade. I'm thinking Mini Mochi instead. That may be taken care of this afternoon.

The casting on wouldn't seem too bad, except for the languishing items in my list, to wit:
7. The sweater I started for Older Daughter ages and ages ago. I think, given her recent growth (she is now officially taller than I, to her everlasting -- and it will be everlasting, since it's not going to suddenly reverse itself -- delight), that it is probably already too small. Therefore, I decided this morning that I'll rip the part of the sleeve I've got and start again from the ground up. I need to rejigger the math. I really should make this my soccer knitting instead of Bermuda, since it's very plain. Maybe I'll be a grown-up and do that. (Who's taking bets on how this turns out?)
8. Complicated pair of socks the first. (AKA Bex) If you could put a picture next to the definition of "languish" in the dictionary, it would be a picture of these socks. I adore the results, but the chart and the knitting are both fiddly, and I haven't been in the mood for fiddly lately. They're fiddly in a way that lace isn't; I can knit most moves in lace pretty fast (barring nupps -- I dare anyone to knit those quickly -- and p3tog tbl, which I think I'm excused in being rather slow at), but these cables are a bit of a bear. So I'm being recalcitrant.
9. Complicated pair of socks the second. (AKA the Turkish socks) I feel a little bad about starting another colorwork project when I've already got these on the needles, especially since I adore them. The only reason they went into time out is because I decided to mess with the pattern (they were going to be too big for me), and I need to make sure I've got everything lined up to move on to the next section. I will definitely get back to these. And last but not least:
10. My lovely and much-adored beaded shawl. No reason for this to be languishing, except that it's got beads, so it can't travel, and I'm onto the bit where I repeat the same chart forever and ever until the end of time. I'm not really good about that (hence my love of triangles and faroese shawls; there's always something new to look forward to), but I will most definitely get back to this one, as it makes me happy.

There are two other projecs that are currently a twinkle in my eye:
1. The wine dark sea redux. I have the yarn, and I started swatching (a year ago, sigh). I need to start thinking about that, doing some math, and deciding for sure on the edging I want to do.
2. The silk road socks I have planned. I've charted out the pattern I made up based on something I saw at the Silk Road exhibit a few weeks ago, and I bought some yarn and paired it with yarn from my stash, but I absolutely will not (hear me now) cast on for a third colorwork project. I promise. Here's the yarn, though. What do you think about these colors together? They're close to those in the original weaving that I saw. I'll post a picture of my chart next time.
I'll let that one marinate a bit longer.

So there it is, eight on the needles, two about to start, and two in early planning stages. How does that compare with everyone else? Am I completely out of control? Do we need to stage an intervention?

You let me know. Meanwhile, I think I hear some nupps calling.


Mary Lou said...

Knitting is supposed to be fun, right? I figure do what feels like fun. Maybe sometimes finishing a project feels like fun. Maybe giving up and using the rest of the KSH for a scarf/stole would be more fun...

Willow said...

Well, if you need an intervention, then, ummm, well, we'll both go to KA together. I'm just sayin', 10 projects isn't so much, is it?

I admit that I gasped when I saw the shawl(#6). I must must NOT start another project...

marit said...

Completely out of control;-). In a good way!

lori said...

I laughed at the way you restarted the counting for the bottom two. Whatever works my friend. Whatever works. :)

I remember your advice to me when I was facing a similar worry - cast on and stay inspired!

twinsetellen said...

At least you are surrounded by many beautiful things!

I completely get what you are saying. I've been a knitting monogamous the last few days after a similar realization a couple of weeks ago. It has felt good to see progress, but those other projects look so sad...

Jane said...

Variety is the spice of life, lol. Maybe you'll feel a little better if you get the first two off the needles. Where would we be without inspiration

Stell said...

I don't think that is out of control, 'think that is a fairly modest WIP list:) I am tollaly in love with those Cat Paw mittens, I feel the need to justify another pair of mittens, but really I dont need to, it is about knitting after all:)


Sounds like you have a full plate, and like it that way! I am mostly a one-project-at-a time knitter, although I took time out from the neverending stained glass socks to knit that quickie scarf.

I'm finally at the toe decreases, though, and am looking forward to my next shawl or sweater or socks or whatever.

Gwen said...

Is that all?

I love the blue and green combo you've got there. I keep putting those colours together. Looking forward to seeing the chart.

scienceprincess said...

Knitting monogamy is boring! Cast on more projects! More! More! More!

Seriously, though, I'm a total ADD knitter, and I believe my current project count is in the 20s, but I don't put them all on ravelry for denial purposes.

As for the rabid bats, they do exist in my area, but I am unlikely to meet one in a school setting. Squirrels -- possible, bats not so much. I am replying here since blogspot won't let me post comments on my own blog. Weird, that.

It's all beautiful, and knit whatever makes you happy. That's the really important part :-)

Take care.

EGunn said...

A non-proliferation treaty seems a little harsh at this stage. Just think how many finishes you'll have when you start getting through all these significantly-underway projects! I have quite a few things percolating at the moment, too. I think it's because my brain has suddenly realized that it's about to be fall and there are lots of things I'd love to wear soon.

I definitely understand the projects on hold because it takes more than two braincells to make a decision about them (I have at least three in that category right now). You'll get back to them as soon as you have the brainspace. And, if you start all these new things now, you won't have to wonder and plan what to knit on when the semester starts and your creativity is busy elsewhere. =)

Raveller said...

It really does help to make a list, does it? Yours is not bad at all - of the 10 projects listed, 2 are just about done, 3 are socks and 1 mittens so they don't really count as you can do them relatively quickly. No. 6 on your list is only in contemplation so it doesn't count. Sounds like you're frogging the "sweater for older daughter " so that is really still just an idea.

That leaves 2 substantial wips: the cardi cozy and the beaded shawl. Knock off the cardi you're away, I think! Heck, start something new even!

Rachel said...

You are very brave making this list, I kind of try to ignore those neglected poor things on my needles, shame on me! I think your situation is not too bad at all, you can keep casting on girl,,, joking!

Laurie said...

Oh, thank god...I don't feel so bad now with all my WIPs! LOL! Lucky you, test knitting the Pea Vine Shawl...but ruh-roh...another cast on 75 bazillion stitches to start... I may never recover from (or finish!) Pine and Ivy. Just not a fiend for casting's a necessary evil, with the emphasis on the EVIL! LOL!

RobinH said...

LOL! I have the same kind of thoughts, only with fewer projects. I hit a high of 6 this month and had to finish some things before I went nuts. My optimum is 2-3, enough so I can have a small simple travel project when other things are too ambitious, but not so many that I'm not making visible progress. (Currently I'm at 4, but that's because I have three sweaters on the needles. Of course, I also have WIPs in other crafts, like carpentry.)

However, it's only if you're feeling oppressed by the number of WIPs that an intervention is warranted. The 'right' number of WIPs is different for everyone :).

Rachael said...

And here I am, 3 weeks behind...

I say you have no problem, because if you have a problem, then I have a problem, and I definitely don't have a problem. Seriously. Noooo problem at all. I only have 6 sweaters OTN. Only a half dozen, that's practically NOTHING. I bet I would finish them faster if I only knit one at a time, but what fun would that be?

Such gorgeous things all, just enjoy them!