Saturday, November 13, 2010

One foot in front of the other

I'm still moving forward, and still knitting. And I'm actually finishing some projects - successfully, even - which is a good feeling. The rest of life continues to be overwhelming, and every time I think I'm seeing an end in sight, something else gets added to the back of the queue. My date now for feeling like I can actually take a breather without something hanging over my head is December 12. One more month. (Although I suppose I should acknowledge that grades aren't due until the 22nd, so I probably won't feel really done until then, but it should be an indication of how overwhelmed I am that stacks and stacks of grading feels like the least of my worries!)

Meanwhile, though, knitting successes are happening. First, I present: Bel Air.
I finished it Thursday night and blocked it yesterday morning. I am wearing it right now.
This is a good one! The pattern was perfectly clear, as Anne's patterns tend to be, and each bit went off without a hitch. I love the colors, which will look good with jeans (my ubiquitous uniform), and I think this will also look good with dark brown - still need to check, but that would be nice. The simplicity of most of the sweater is offset by the gorgeous lace of the front, which worked really well with the variegation in the yarn, I think.
It fits perfectly (yay!), and I can already tell this is going to be one of those sweaters I wear a LOT. It's a perfect weight for life here in SoCal, as it's knitted out of sock yarn - very fine, with a lovely drape.

Project details: Bel Air, by Anne Hanson. Knitted out of Malabrigo sock, colorway Persia. I used somewhat less than the three skeins I'd bought, and ended up with 1 1/8 oz left; that's about 140 yards, so maybe enough for a pair of clog socks? We'll see. Knitted using a size two needle for the ribbed hems, and size three for the body. My Rav project page has all the details.

Now I need to decide whether this is dressy enough to wear for my presentation a week from today (!!). I think it may be, even with these black jeans if I can't find something else; the AAA is a fairly casual conference in many ways, but I don't like to push it.

I also finished a second hat; I'm thinking of calling it the Cloisters Cap (that's how the Rav pages are labelled right now). It turned out exactly as it should have, and the chart I'd put together from examining the first one worked like a charm.
There was one cable that I sent the wrong way on the chart, but that's fixed now. The girls seem very happy with them, and I'm thinking I might need to get one more ball each of those yarn colors to add to the leftovers from the hats to make mitts. We'll see.
The pattern is all together in one place now. Alas, that place is my notebook, rather than my computer.
I am trying very hard to download one of the free knitting fonts that's out there so I can chart this thing in either Excel or Word, but I am having no luck. I realize that this must be an artifact of my feeling overwhelmed; how hard could it be to get a font to load? It will happen, and then I'll get this thing charted and pdf'd and posted to Ravelry.

Meanwhile, I'm going to work on this sock, I think.
Socks are soothing.


Willow said...

I'm LOVIN' that hat. And the twin photo. So cute. I want my two daughters back under my roof, really I do, so I can make them twin hats to wear while they sit and chat on the sofa. :)

Hang in there. I know the overwhelmed feeling--have been having 'responsibility' dreams where I lose EVERYTHING while I'm teaching. Deep breath, deep breath.

Hmmm, I think that using sock yarn for a sweater in our climate would be perfect. Gonna check that out.

Jane said...

Gloves would be a perfect addition.
The jumper is glorious, both the pattern and colour. Hope the next month passes quickly

EGunn said...

Bel Air is beautiful! I love the color, and I think it would go well with almost anything; brown, navy, black, khaki. Multi-purpose sweaters are such wonderful things.

The hats look great, too. They're especially cute with the "twin" look.

lori said...

well, if you're only going to have a couple of things work, these are the ones. your sweater is GORGEOUS, and gorgeous on you. the lace front is so beautiful.

and p.s., i think of you every time i correct defiantly when people mean definitely. not to sound too freudian or anything, but there's something awfully defiant about that. :)

deep breathing through overwhelm, lots of knitting through overwhelm, and tiny little treats a few times every day. i'm recommending chocolate.


That sweater suits you perfectly! I am always amazed at the amount of knitting you finish.

Mary Lou said...

That sweater looks great on you. I learned to drive in a 63 BelAir (it was not 1963) maybe I should make one of these. I am finally at a place where I can breathe at work. It will come. You can post the pattern then, so just relax a bit.

Anonymous said...

That sweater looks fantastic on you!!

For the charting/font issues, would it help if I sent the truetype file for the font I use to you in an email? Or do you already have a TT file, and it just won't work?

Alwen said...

Bel Air does look fabulous!

And I am loving that picture of old arches in your other post, for some reason. Just loving it.

Kim said...

Oh Joce! That Bel Aire is totally FAB! What a great fit, girl! You're lookin' mighty hot as usual. I'm plugging away on mine. . . got one sleeve done, and working on the back. Ho Hum. I keep getting distracted with Anne's other patterns. I'm hoping to get a chunk done over Thanksgiving break!

AlisonH said...

Malabrigo! So it's supersoft as well as pretty. I love your new sweater! (You know how much I love those hats!)

Connie said...

Great looking BelAir! The color is just wonderful on you.
I love the hats, too.

Helen said...

Bel Air is just beautiful, and it looks as if it fits perfectly. I hope the days until 12 December fly by, but are filled with useful and productive things towards getting this worry off your back. (The word verification is 'helescu' - a Romanian form of helen, perhaps?)

Nana Sadie said...

Ok, I would wear that sweater in that color with black. And LOVE it!
And the photo of the girls is wonderful...I like the hat better now. Oh, yes, mitts!
I know the feeling of overwhelm well. There's only one way to do any of thing (one step) at a time.

twinsetellen said...

Keep hanging on to the knitting - it is obviously working well for you.

Bel Air is downright perfect - great pattern, great fit, great yarn, great job. And the picture of the twin pates - too sweet. The only problem is you make me want to knit matching hats for my girls, and I already have too many things on the needles!

Mylyne said...

I enjoy looking at your hats. They must be fun to make. I'm a hat lover myself with a blog full of them. They're easy to work on for yourself or for someone especially when you're on a rush.

Amanda said...

Great sweater! And I agree, socks are soothing :)

Anonymous said...

The sweater is very lovely! Did you wear it for your presentation? How'd it go?

Looking forward to knitting the hat pattern when it's ready.

Hope you're finding a serenity these days.

twinsetjan said...

The Bel Air couldn't be better! It is perfectly lovely on you. And I do hope you might think about publishing that hat design...Very nice! I thought of "cloister" when I saw it for the first time, so I definitely agree with the name.

Rachael said...

Pretty pretty!!!

THat sweater looks great on you, fab job.

And adorable hat, you are on fire!

(I had no idea how far behind I was, apparently I really am as busy as I've felt)