Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One day at a time

Thank you all for the supportive comments!  (Gina, I hope the end of your semester goes well :) )  I'm still taking each day as it comes, getting a LOT less knitting time in than I'd like, looking toward the end of the semester with both excitement (summer's coming, summer's coming!!) and trepidation (I have to do what before the end of the semester, and then get what done over the summer?!).

I am continuing to knit away at the blanket - I now have two squares completed and am almost all the way through the third square.  They all look very much like the first square, but I'll try to take some pictures of them all together when I get a chance.  I am also still plugging away at the Daybreak shawl - the rows get longer, so they take more time (funny how that works out).

I also cast on for the first of the pair of socks that just came in the Illuminations Sock Club.  These socks are absolutely wonderful - I fell in love when I opened the package, and I just felt compelled to cast on right away.  If you are good with a spoiler, check out the pattern page on Ravelry; I'll wait.

Aren't they amazing?  And I got the kit with those blues and yellows, too!! (I put "surprise me" for my color choice, and so far I have been very happy with Janel's surprises.)  I'm done with the big chart for the leg on the first sock, and am getting ready to knit the heel flap.  That chart really twisted my brain into little knots, though.  Not because the chart is unclear - it's laid out beautifully with no errors whatsoever.  But because (get this) the main color, (which I am knitting in blue), is represented by the lighter colored squares on the chart, and the contrast color (yellow for me) is represented by the darker colored squares.  Yellow is lighter than blue.  I cannot tell you the trouble that this has caused me!  I had absolutely no idea that my hands were so attached to the square colors.  I'm carrying the main color in my right hand, the contrast in my left, as I usually do, but my brain keeps going "yellow is light and blue is dark", and it will not be gainsaid.  Too funny.  I'm calling it my anti-Alzheimer's exercise for the semester, and making sure not to knit these when I'm very tired.

My other project right now is to decide on a summery sweater to knit for myself.  I'm dithering.  I could knit this:
(Pattern page on Rav.)  I think I even have the yarn (I bought a bunch of the yarn that I used to knit the Native California basket cap - Plymouth Yarn's Vita, which is a gorgeous cotton/cashmere blend that I think would work for this).

Or, I could knit this. (Not a Rav link.  Here's the Rav link.)  I don't have the yarn for that, but I'm sort of lackadaisically poking around for a seafoam green yarn that I could knit it in.  Any ideas?

So, what do you think?  Which one?  Neither?  These are the questions that I dwell on when I don't want to look at my to-do list.  Surely others among you do the same thing? 


Nana Sadie said...

Ok. the sock link doesn't (link, that is). :(
I like both sweaters, but...I think I like the first better, and you know, we tell each other we'll encourage using stash, right. Use what you have...make this sweater!
(I like the seafoam green idea, too)

Summer's coming, Summer's coming!!!

Willow said...

Yes, the summer WILL arrive! I promise (as I promise myself and my hubby)!
I like your solution to always focus on knitting when things get too crazy at work/school. Keeps us sane.
One more day and you have the weekend.

Jane said...

Oh, I like the first one too.
I can fully relate to the coloured squares, my brain does the same

twinsetellen said...

I vote Lilium, too. I think the U-shaped neck would look lovely on you. And the detailing around the waist is elegant - makes it dressy without being overdone, and still feels summery and casual, too.

Good luck finishing the semester. Then tell me how you did it so I can apply it to my work situation!

AdrieneJ said...

I vote for the first sweater. There's such an elegant simplicity about it, and it looks like it would be a comfy thing to wear!

Joan said...

I agree with Lilium (easier to wear), but I bet Vionnet would be more fun to knit!

RobinH said...

No, I come and read your blog when I'm avoiding my to-do list....:)

Hmm. The sweaters are both very pretty- how would you wear them? It looks like the first could be worn alone, while the second is low-cut and lacy, so would need a shirt underneath. If you prefer one style vs. the other that might help you decide. (If it were me, I'd have trouble coming up with a coordinating shirt, so I'd be more likely to make the first pattern.)

Carrie#K said...


And they both look cute. I like the second sweater better - but it looks completely impractical for your weather.

Lynne said...

Ah, decisions (and at this time orf the academic year too!)

We are three weeks into the second term of first semester - summer is a long way off and winter is making her presence felt early!

EGunn said...

I completely understand the one day at a time phase. You'll get through it all eventually (and soon, too!).

I like the first sweater better, I think. Either could work, though. Plenty of room for dithering.