Monday, September 5, 2011


We have certainly put the mileage on this weekend!  On Friday, Rick had to drive down to Coronado (about fifty miles south of here) to help lay floors for Younger Daughter's dance school's feis.  As soon as he got home, we loaded the car up, and headed 200 miles north (about 3.5 hours) to Tehachapi (feeling very grateful that the Cajon pass had reopened after a brush fire shut it down; the traffic still wasn't pretty, but at least it was rolling), where the tribe that I work with was hosting a huge fundraiser on Saturday called Go Native Days.  We worked at that all day on Saturday (well, the girls and I worked; Rick went for a well-earned bike ride), and then drove home on Saturday night.  Then on Sunday, it was back down to Coronado for the feis, before finally coming to a rest here at home last night.

Tilly was really glad when we didn't leave again this morning.

Today has been a catch-up day, and as part of that catch-up, I finally got a few pictures of some recently-finished projects.  Alas, I completely forgot to bring my camera to Saturday's event!  (But I do have a few things to share from that in another post.)

First up, Stripe Study (modelled here by Younger Daughter):
I really love these colors together, but I have to admit something - I'm not 100% sure how to wear this to its best advantage.  By its nature, it is asymmetrical (it reminds me very much of a fiddler crab), and that has me stumped.  In this picture, it is aligned so that the point is at about the middle of the back, with the long arm of the shawl tucked over the shoulder under the shorter arm.
That's how it looks from behind.  I see that as one option.  The other option is to make the arms about even in front, which puts the point over one shoulder.
Then it looks like this from the back.

And front.  Opinions?  Those of you who have knit this, how do you wear it?

In any case, to recap, this is Stripe Study, knitted in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Lace II, on size 6 needles.  I love the yarn - it was wonderful to work with, it has a lovely hand, and it knitted up beautifully even before I blocked this.  The pattern was clear and easy - very good travel and meeting knitting, in spite of needing to haul two yarn colors around.  This is definitely one I'd knit again (assuming I figure out how to wear it), and that's not something I say often of a garter stitch project.

The next project is a pair of socks that I'm embarrassed to say I started on the trip to Peru and only just recently finished.  Honestly, they should have gone faster, but I got distracted by the siren call of stripes (and cashmere, let's not forget the cashmere).
These went to Younger Daughter, since they fit her perfectly.  They're knitted out of Vintage Purls Vintage Sock yarn, which I have knitted with before and just love, on size 1 needles.  (I am happy to report that there's enough of this left over that I think I'll make myself a pair of clog socks with the rest.)  I used my usual toe-up pattern, with a slip-stitch heel flap under the heel, and the gusset stitch reductions happening on the back of the leg (rather than at the side).  I added a little travelling stitch thing just for fun.  Younger Daughter seems to like them.

So that's it for finished projects.  Right now, I am working my way glacially slowly through the fifteen inches of linen stitch (over about 300+ stitches) that I need to start out Vancouver.  Thank goodness I love the colors and the yarn (BFL, mmm...), because otherwise this one would be a chore.  But I plug away at it, a few rows here and there, and someday it will be done.  I am also working on the pair of Silk Road socks that I am knitting for myself.  I had a totally delusional moment on Saturday night while I was packing them up to go to the feis when I wondered why I couldn't find the first sock to take along (so I could be sure to compare the second sock to it so they match).  Until I realized that there is no first sock - I am still knitting it.  Alas.

And finally, as the secretary of my union local, I would be remiss if I didn't wish you all a happy Labor day, and leave you with this quote from the Department of Labor's description of why we celebrate Labor day:

"The vital force of labor added materially to the highest standard of living and the greatest production the world has ever known and has brought us closer to the realization of our traditional ideals of economic and political democracy. It is appropriate, therefore, that the nation pay tribute on Labor Day to the creator of so much of the nation's strength, freedom, and leadership — the American worker."


Jane said...

She looks very happy with her socks, I prefer the second option for the shawl, but it all comes down to personal choice in the end. After spending so much time in it, your daughter might not want to give it up

Willow said...

Yes, Younger Daughter looks inordinately pleased with those socks. Love the traveling stitches!
In regards to the shawl, I'd play with it depending on my mood and what I'm wearing with it. Am I feeling snuggly? Am I swaggering along like a flapper girl?

Sadly, The Professor had to 'labor' through some tests today--no rest for that American worker :(

Lynne said...

Yay for the worker - American or otherwise! It's because my WM is a good one that I get to stay home and play all day!!

Younger Daughter is a great model and looks very happy with the shawl and the socks.

I look forward to your post about Saturday's event.

Mary Lou said...

Let's hear it for the workers! I get so tired of hearing the most productive workforce in the world getting slammed all the time. And I like version 2 of stripe study. Your daughter is a very happy (and cute) model. I hope she doesn't age out!

Nana Sadie said...

Lovely knits! I wonder if the shawl would be good as a "scarf" under your coat or jacket? I love those colors, too, fall/winter wardrobe, in fact!

Can't wait to see your Vancouver! What colors did you pick?

Carrie#K said...

The socks are really cute and I can see why your daughter looks so happy wearing them! The shawl is wonderful and as long as you wear it with panache, the drape doesn't matter.

Lots of mileage there!

Some local newscaster made some remark about Labor Day being a day to celebrate having a job. Could he have missed the point more? Geez.

Alwen said...

I grew up watching Bugs Bunny, and immediately heard Daffy Duck in my head, saying "Shoot me! I'm a fiddler crab!"


EGunn said...

I know what you mean about mileage. The new commute has just started (even though the job hasn't is odd sometimes). Between that and two back-to-back weekends in Madison, it feels like we'll always be on the go.

Younger daughter looks thrilled with the socks. And equally with the shawl, I might add. If you find you can't wear it, I'd wager you'd have a bidder. I love the colors you chose for it!

I am struck by how much YD looks like you in these photos, especially the first.

twinsetellen said...

I like Stripe with the point off to the side - it looks dashing that way! I love the model and her socks.

And I am way impressed at the amount of linen stitch you are tackling. Gorgeous pattern, but I'm not sure I could take it.

Rachel said...

Stripe study - made one for my sister with some lovely cotton (to fit the Israeli weather) and while trying it on I thought it is best after you play with it a bit and let it land as it likes and not too stretched. There was a lovely way with the point in the front andthe wider part wraped around the shoulders but I don't remember exactly how I got it ,,,,,

Will check it out when I will be in Tel Aviv and let you know if it is of interest to you. (am in Israel right now).

Stell said...

I love stripe study - how ever did I miss queuing that one? All the modes of wearing look fine to me - depending on the occasion rest of the outfit, and the socks are lovely - some of my favorite yarn. Good luck with getting it back from YD :D

RobinH said...

You have a delightful model- and the socks and shawl are beautiful. Although I couldn't help but notice Younger Daughter seemed to like the shawl a lot...I hope you didn't have to wrestle her to get it back!

RobinH said...

You have a delightful model- and the socks and shawl are beautiful. Although I couldn't help but notice Younger Daughter seemed to like the shawl a lot...I hope you didn't have to wrestle her to get it back!