Saturday, September 14, 2019

Day 65: Thwarted

I had a whole plan for posting today. Either it was going to be photos of the blanket before it gets packed up, or the start of a whole series of musings that have been churning in my mind lately. I made a good start on the day, even.  I stretched first thing (because otherwise it doesn’t happen). I got to the barn to ride at a fairly reasonable hour (because otherwise it doesn’t happen). Of course, it’s yucky hot, so D and I were happy to be done - she rolled in turnout while I slammed water, and then we both were grateful for shade in her stall. Then home, where after a quick shower I lugged my cushion outside in the shade and sat for a half an hour (because if I don’t do it first thing it doesn’t happen).

Are you noticing a theme?  The sheer number of things that I can only seem to make myself do if I get after them first thing in the day is alarming, given that there are only so many “first thing”
hours available.

After lunch, I sat down like a disciplined human to get through what I hoped would be two piles of grading. And my students broke me. Honest to Pete, folks. I ask for analysis, and I get something odd and random. People said that words were adjectives “because it can stand alone” (not a sufficient test to ensure you have an adjective).  They said words were nouns because they were things (unacceptable), or verbs because they were actions (equally unacceptable). Or they cited tests that are useful (can be intensified), but clearly didn’t actually try to apply them (because “abatement” can’t be intensified!!). And one kept telling me that something “preceded after” something else. I made it through the pile and then gave up. I couldn’t take another one.

I am now lying on the couch, trying not to look at the pile of papers waiting for me, and afraid to boot up my computer, because there’s grading online, too. I’m writing this on my phone, which is suboptimal, but there is no grading on my phone.

Tomorrow is another day. Maybe there will be more hours in the morning this time.

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Willow said...

I truly hope that none of those students were ever students in one of my composition classes! I taught grammar to them (of course, you can teach, but that doesn't mean they learn).