Saturday, September 28, 2019

Day 79: Mulling

I have been mulling - for some time, really, but quite a lot recently - systems of thought and/or practice which have been robbed of their transformative or radical potential, and how to reclaim that potential.  I started to write about it, knowing that this is a many-post sort of thing, but it turned into a screed more than an exploration, and I want to think about it a bit more. 

So, instead, a few bullet points for you:
- It's raining here, off and on
- Yes, in Southern California
- I'm glad, we need it
- And it's not lightning-type rain, so it actually reduces rather than increases, the risk of wildfire
- It means that I didn't ride D this morning
- But I did get a pile of grading done, and prepared for Monday morning's class
- So maybe I can sit down with my spinning wheel this afternoon?
- After I make a pot of minestrone soup
- And maybe take pictures of the socks I just finished
- But I'm not going to block the shawl I finished this week, since I'm not sure it'll dry all that well
- I really need to cast on for a baby sweater for a friend who's due in November
- I'm thinking a Baby Surprise Jacket, since they're so much fun to knit
- But my stash is packed away during our latest construction stuff, and I'm having trouble with the idea of buying yarn when I know I've got to have something in stash, right?
- On the other hand, is it so bad to buy yarn?

All right.  I'm off to make soup and spin and watch the rain.  Happy Saturday!

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twinsetellen said...

I agree...
It is not so bad to buy yarn.

I also agree...
It is hard to feel good about buying yarn when one knows that, though not easily accessible, a treasure trove of yarn exists that belongs to you.

And, in the same situation recently, the combination of these two things simply meant that I spent several days debating it until I did, finally, buy yarn.

Nothing exploded.