Monday, November 4, 2019

Day 116: Unpacking

On Saturday morning, here's what one would have seen looking through the door of our bedroom:

Two very long days later, and this was the view from my bed this morning:

It is such a relief to have a lot of the unpacking done (it's not finished, but we're getting there).  I am, however, left with a few burning questions:

Where did all that yarn come from?
Where did all that wool come from?  
Where did all those books come from?

And a few observations:
I'm not sure that I've quite achieved a STABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) amount of yarn, but I think I may have gotten there with the spinning fiber (four pounds of Stansborough Grey, and at least one more fleece's worth of wool, not to mention various braids).  
My bookshelves are definitely, as one friend once described hers, part resume, part wishlist.  I have a lot of unread books.  But I also have some that I'm wanting to reread at this point.  (Am I the only one who does that?  And I'm not talking about rereading deep and meaningful prize-winning books here, guys - just comforting ones whose characters are fun to visit.) 

And now I am tired.  My joints hurt, and I'm glad I'm not unpacking anything tonight.  Good night!


Erica Gunn said...

I recognize that set of questions! So much crafting to do...

I wish you progress in the war on cardboard; I always find it to be so satisfying to just make the boxes go away.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I reread enjoyable books all the time. It's not unlike rewatching a favourite movie!

twinsetellen said...

There are a few books that I reread about every decade. They aren't great literature, necessarily, but they speak to me, and I learn something about me by seeing how what they say to me changes over the years. One thing that never changes is that I feel a bit guilty not reading the unread books instead.

Next thought: if there aren't unread books on your shelves, how can you assure yourself of a good selection if you get snowed in?

Anonymous said...

Rereading? Oh yes! I reread my favorite childhood book (Understood Betsy) at least once a decade. And I know I'm stressed if I find myself rereading one Rex Stout (Nero Wolfe) after another. It doesn't mean anything special when I reread Georgette Heyer books (mostly Regency romance, but some mysteries too)--they are just good and I am enjoying adding them to my Kindle collection one book at a time.

I'm buying fewer and fewer new books. Mostly new ones come from the library.