Thursday, August 30, 2007

They're back!

It's good to have the girls home. I went to the airport to get them yesterday, and aside from how nice it was to give them huge hugs, it just feels more natural to have them in proximity. Having them gone didn't make me feel panicky or worried, but I did feel like there was something missing from my radar screen, like when someone moves something in your house, and you have this subliminal feeling of awryness. Not anymore. Now I have someone to say "don't chew with your mouth open" to again. How I missed that. (ha)

Rick is taking his mother to the airport his morning, so as of tonight, we're back to normal. (again, ha) We need to gear up for school to start on Tuesday; I'll need to get school shoes and tennies for the kids this weekend, and it's clear that they will need to sleep. I know they had a blast visiting their grandparents, but with Tess especially, I can see that she didn't get enough alone time and she's at her limit (she burst into tears this morning before getting in the car to go to the airport; she needs to rest and not have to talk to anyone for a while -- she and I both burn out if we need to be around other people for too long without a break). So I'll need to plan for quiet this weekend, which (on the bright side) will be conducive to finishing the second Millicent. Now that I'm on to the ribbing, this one will move fast; I can do this kind of knitting while reading, talking, watching TV, anything I want (except cooking; I've found that wool and cast iron don't mix too well) without paying too much attention.

I wish I'd brought it with me to work this morning. I'm in the middle of dealing with a situation here that is making me feel sick and uncomfortable, and I'm guessing that knitting a few rows would help. There's not much else to say about it, except that I have to decide if this is a go-to-the-wall kind of fight, or if I'm all right with letting it go. Alas. I'll just keep practicing yogic breathing and hoping for the best.

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Tracy said...

I've taken only a minimal amount of yoga classes, but the one thing I took away that has been so very helpful was the yogic breathing. It got me through childbirth, countless work stresses, and a move from Boston to the Finger Lakes! I hope you work through the problems and find a more peaceful place on the work front soon.