Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well, it ain't yarn

But it's fun!
(It's a photo booth photo, so not the best, but the camera isn't available at this moment.) The ball right there in the front is from the roving that Wanda sent, spun and plied on the turkish spindle. About the only things that can be said for it are a) it is a beautiful color, and b) once it had been plied, it didn't twist back on itself. However, I would not call it "yarn", so much as "a twisted fiber object".

(BTW, does anyone else learning to spin have the Thomson Twins' song running through their head: "You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby..."? Anne? Or am I dating myself?)

Did you all see the beautiful container that the spinning is sitting in? Here's a better shot (where "better" is a relative term, meaning something more like "you can see more of the basket", since I'm still using photo booth), with some gratuitous dogness thrown in.
Kivrin got me this lovely wooden basket, with some help from her father, from our local farmer's market. I got all excited and promptly put my spinning gear in there, whereupon Rick said, somewhat sadly, "I'd thought maybe you could put some of your stash in there?" Turns out that he's been longing to repatriate the copper bowl that I've liberated from the kitchen for fibrous purposes. It holds an ever-changing arrangement of yarns whose colors feel seasonal to me (just before Christmas, it went from oranges and purples and browns to blues and whites and greys and blacks). Turns out Rick wanted to beat some egg whites in it the other day. I suggested that, since egg-white beating a) is not a regular activity in our home, and b) no longer requires a copper bowl since we invested in a handmixer a few years ago), but that c) I do knit every single day, and d) enjoy looking at my yarn even when I'm not knitting, he'd probably do better to give up his nefarious plans and allow the new borders between cooking and fiber to stay where they have been drawn. I think the long list of lettered items confused him enough that he's given up for the moment.

And, last photo booth shot of the day, since Atticus is feeling very left out.
Now, once he's decided that my lap is no longer fun, I can go back to trying to spin. Alas, he's gone all limp and is purring, so that may be a while...


Anne said...

Here I am -- and yes, I've been hearing that tune today too, but I don't think it's the Thompson Twins (Dead or Alive, maybe?) ... I've also been hearing "jump into the fire" (what do I mean, trying to learn ANOTHER craft??)

Love the wooden bowl! It looks like one we got from those eco-yuppies at Viva Terra for my brother and sister-in-law. Gorgeous. Maybe you need a second copper bowl? Don't know that I'd discourage egg-white-beating under any circumstances ...

Bea said...

Your atticus and the dogness are very cute. I love your new basket and may need to see about acquiring one like it!

Marianne said...

Welllll, I DID notice the basket right after I looked at your.. yarn, yes it is, yes it is indeed yarn.. what a bulky? Knit up a nice warm hat!
The wooden basket is beautiful, and so is the dogness!

My COB sis just wrote me today, they found a little male tuxedo kitten, named him Atticus! heh.

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWW, what a pretty kitty!I have a Tuxedo named Charlie,for Charlie Chaplin cuz she has a moustache like his :-) The wooden bowl would be perfect for tansporting, from room to room etc, your spinning and or knitting materials. I agree with marianne, the newly spun yarn is begging to become a nice warm cap!

Margaret said...

I had the same song going in my head when I got my first wheel.

What a great big bowl! You'll find it really handy to hold pre-drafted roving that's waiting for you to spin. Also, some of the best advice I got as a new spinner was to knit up a bit of the yarn before passing judgment on it. That looks like pretty yarn to me!

Nana Sadie said...

I covet that gorgeous wooden bowl...but Atticus is pretty gorgeous, himself!
Happy upcoming New Year!

Stell said...

yummy bowl, and it is yarn, like mine - the first batch didn't feel like yarn because it wasn't like the yarn I liked to knit. I was told you 'have to keep' the first yarn you make, and I did, even though its only been 2 months (has it really?) it is so different from what I spin now.

Was Rick saying he wanted the hand beat the egg whites in the copper bowl, not use the electric device? I thought copper bowls were for hand whisks and electric beaters were for hand whisks - perhaps he needs a bowl of his own next year?

Stell said...

and .. no that song wasn't turning right around but it is now.


Carrie K said...

Do they ever truly tire of laps? Handsome boy.

The copper bowl is best served by yarn. Everyone knows that. (As long as everyone is a knitter...)

Meema said...

Happy Third Day of Christmas! Your bowl is beauteous, as are your four-legged family members. And kudos on posting your initial spinning - it looks like yarn from where I'm sitting. Don't forget to show us what it grows up to be!

(Please excuse the dangly bit on the end of the previous sentence - holiday grammar fatigue, and all.)

Enjoy the season!

knitspot anne said...

omg . . i MUST have one of those baskets! can you put me in touch with whomever is selling them?
that is the coolest beyond cool thing (and i am SO not a basket person, but a wood person, yes)