Thursday, December 17, 2009


That, my friends, is a sock. The second one is on its heel flap. Bwahahaha! I have triumphed!

Although I suppose that rather than using the present perfect indicative on that verb, I really ought to make it a progressive, given that I have not yet achieved the perfective state. Let me try that again:

I am triumphing!


I know, it's just a sock. But at this time of the semester, I've got to savor the small victories, because the big ones so often aren't forthcoming. I am not dwelling on that, though, because I am a successful knitter of socks once more, and if I continue to successfully knit socks, my niece will have warm toasty sock-clad feet on Christmas morning. (Having put that out into the Universe, though, you just know the Knitting Fates are going to snip my little knitting thread while cackling at my pride.)

I have finished grading and have calculated scores for two of my classes. I am not quite halfway through with the last (their papers are due at 5:00 tonight, so I'll finish the rest tomorrow). It would be so nice to go to this working weekend knowing that this big job is behind me; we'll see how much I can get done tomorrow. I do, after all, still need to prep and pack for the weekend's work, and go to Younger Daughter's school's holiday play tomorrow night (at 8 pm, which is, in my book, just cruel and unusual punishment, especially given that I have to be up at 4:30 the next morning to drive four hours to my 9 o'clock meeting).

But, I have achieved sockage! Life is good.


EGunn said...

Yay for successful socks! And a charm against smiting. Love the colors. =)

You're so close to done! Good luck on those last papers.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The colours are lovely!

Mary Lou said...

The postal furies would be more my worry! I just spent some time with some of the hands I am clothing for Christmas and figured out that two of them (pairs of hands that is) are far smaller than i thought. So, a pair of pop top mittens for the mitten fairy tree and cast on some more. At least I don't have to mail them.

Jane said...

Weyhey! And a lovely looking sock it is too

twinsetellen said...

One small sock for knitter. One giant sock-essence for knitterkind.

We share in the pleasure of your success.

Rachael said...

Woohoo - it's a sock! I am one inch into my second sock...there is no way it'll be done and in the mail by xmas, but that's okay. Mid-january works too.

Our grades are in and now comes the fun "You've been dismissed!" emailing. Oy. So sad.

Gwen said...

It should be illegal to start at 8pm. Crazy school.

I am not sucking today! Maybe tomorrow I shall triumph. Gorgeous sock!

Triumph away!

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo!!!! Enjoy what works :-)

I have been reading your blog, but have not commented for a while because there's too much going on in my life.

Take care.

Nana Sadie said...

Yay for Sockage!!!
They look lovely, snuggly and warm!

Be careful this weekend, I hope there's something fun about it.

Willow said...

Crossing my fingers, hoping for final triumph!

Alwen said...

*crosses fingers for you*

I love that yarn so much.

Stell said...

for the previous post .. body glue .. having been part of shows for nearly 10 years .. I'm just glad that it was only the socks that you had to body glue in place ;-)
and now the heel is working on both socks .. the sock spirits are now on your side, I know this, sock spirits send us toes and heels as a kind of rite of passage .. and now you have shown your mettle .. well the sock spirit will not hinder you (that is my version and I'm sticking to it)

RobinH said...

It's beautiful!

Keep that sock mojo coming!

Bea said...

Small victories are worth cheering for. Yay for your sock and for the end of the semester!